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Intel's 14th generation processors are manufactured by TSMC to compete with Apple

BingMag.com <b>Intel's</b> <b>14th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>processors</b> are <b>manufactured</b> by <b>TSMC</b> to <b>compete</b> with Apple

Intel last week announced some of its plans for its 14th generation processors called Meteor Lake, but now it looks like a key change in the company's plans has been created. Specifically, Intel had announced that these chips would be manufactured by the company's factories using 7-nanometer manufacturing technology. But now, according to a credible source, Intel executives have apparently decided to outsource the chips to Taiwanese company TSMC to compete with Apple chips, using 5-nanometer technology like the M1 series chips.

Apple has been using Intel processors for all of its Macs for years. But the company's executives were not satisfied with the restrictions that these chips would impose on the release schedule of the new generation of Macs. Intel's numerous problems with Intel Skylake series chips in 2015 also increased the volume of these criticisms and finally decided to start moving towards the use of proprietary chips.

BingMag.com <b>Intel's</b> <b>14th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>processors</b> are <b>manufactured</b> by <b>TSMC</b> to <b>compete</b> with Apple

Although Intel knew years ago that Apple was doing just that, it did little to keep up with the competition. Intel executives did not seem to expect the first generation of Apple proprietary chips for Macs to be so great, and as a result did not have a specific plan to deal with the situation.

He mocked the field and later announced that he wanted to enter the field of ARM chips. The company even claimed that it could once again appeal to Apple to use the company's processors. All of this shows that Intel executives did not use a specific strategy to deal with the situation. However, in the midst of this news, Intel executives have repeatedly referred to the transfer of all their chip production capacity to the Taiwanese company TSMC, which produces all of Apple's chips.

Last year, Intel announced for the first time that next-generation processors 14 The company will be introduced under the Meteor Lake brand. The company's executives said the chips would be made using Intel's 7-nanometer technology. Of course, Intel uses the term Intel 4 for this technology to make it look more advanced than the 5-nanometer TSMC technology.

The American company announced last week that it was making the first model of one of the 14th generation chips. Meteor Lake is said to be Intel's first consumer processor with a design called a chiplet. This means that Intel connects several silicon pieces with Foveros proprietary technology to build the processors to create a larger chip. The number of GPU cores in these chips is said to be more than twice that of the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake series, which means they have a lot to say in terms of graphics.

Source: 9To5Mac

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