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The installation rates of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 reached 63% and 50%, respectively

BingMag.com The <b>installation</b> <b>rates</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15 and <b>iPadOS</b> 15 <b>reached</b> <b>63%</b> and <b>50%,</b> respectively

Since Apple unveiled iOS 15 and iPasOS 15, users have not shown much interest in installing it, as it has since. The number of installations on the iPhone and iPad has reached 63% and 50%, respectively.

Although this news was recently published, as of January 11 this year, exactly 3 days ago, only 63% of all iPhone users who have it The conditions for receiving the iOS 15 update were to download and install it, and 37% of them still preferred to use their phone with the same iOS 14. This amount, however, is still less for the iPad and has reached 50%. In fact, since the two operating systems were officially unveiled for Apple phones and tablets, a total of half of users have not yet received them. Apple is downloaded and is completely reliable and trustworthy. Of course, this statistic may seem small, but if we want to separate them, we see that many users of phones over the past four years have received the iOS 15 update. About 72% of iPhones unveiled over the past four years now use iOS 15 as the default operating system, which, while it looks good, is still lower than the 81% installation rate of iOS 14 last year.

BingMag.com The <b>installation</b> <b>rates</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15 and <b>iPadOS</b> 15 <b>reached</b> <b>63%</b> and <b>50%,</b> respectively BingMag.com The <b>installation</b> <b>rates</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15 and <b>iPadOS</b> 15 <b>reached</b> <b>63%</b> and <b>50%,</b> respectively
  • BingMag.com The <b>installation</b> <b>rates</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15 and <b>iPadOS</b> 15 <b>reached</b> <b>63%</b> and <b>50%,</b> respectively
  • BingMag.com The <b>installation</b> <b>rates</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15 and <b>iPadOS</b> 15 <b>reached</b> <b>63%</b> and <b>50%,</b> respectively

But the situation is not very good for iPads. The installation rate of the new operating system in these products reaches only 50%, which means that since last year when Apple unveiled iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, so far only half of the users of the company's tablets have expressed interest in installing the new operating system. Meanwhile, 57% of these products are in the category of tablets that have been unveiled for the past four years. Overall, 37% of Apple iPads still use iOS 14, while another 14% use older versions.

Apple changed its policy for a while and did not force users to install new updates. Earlier, the US company persuaded users to upgrade to the newer operating system by not releasing security updates for older versions, but this year, when it did not, it became clear that users were not very interested in newer versions of Apple's operating system. So the American company decided to go back to its previous policy and force users to install the new operating system.

Going back to the old policy will definitely make more users install the new operating system, but this time not out of Willingness but by force because otherwise they will not receive security updates. One of the main reasons that users of older phones and tablets are reluctant to install iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is that they usually slow down by installing new operating systems on older phones, which is why users prefer to continue using the same old operating system./p>

Source: GSMArena

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