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With the installation of the first wing, the process of opening the main mirror of the James Webb Telescope began

BingMag.com <b>With</b> the <b>installation</b> of the <b>first</b> wing, the <b>process</b> of <b>opening</b> the <b>main</b> <b>mirror</b> of the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> began

A few minutes ago, the engineers of the James Webb mission team confirmed the successful completion of the installation of the first wing of the James Webb main mirror so that the process of installing the main mirror of this space Telescope officially began. And bring the observatory closer to its final form in space.

James Webb's engineers have begun the final stage of establishing the original structure of the Web: the opening of its two main mirror wings. The side panels, which were folded back to accommodate the launch position and fit inside the missile chamber, each housed three of the observatory's 18 gold-plated main hexagonal mirror sections.

The mission team today opened the mirror wing on the port side (left). To do this, the engineers first freed the mechanisms that held the wing back for launch time so that the structure could be moved. The panel was then rotated in place by motors on special hinges and placed in its final position during a process that took about 5 minutes. But the final step was to lock the wing in place, which was successfully done by engineers in a meticulous process that lasted several hours. 06 started Tehran time), after the approval of the engineers, it ended at 14:11 Eastern time zone (22:41 Tehran time).

Has followed the same trend. The James Webb Observatory has already undergone significant steps to establish itself as it moves toward the Lagrangian point halo orbit of the Sun-Earth. First, the front and rear pallet structures were opened, then the base of the scientific instrument was installed, and then the solar shield expanded in its diamond-like shape. The installation of the secondary mirror was the last step before the opening of the main mirror. Due to the fact that its propulsors operate in only one direction, it gradually decreases its speed to be placed in the orbit correctly.

Cover photo: Graphic design of the James Webb Telescope after the installation of the left wing main mirror
Credit: NASA

Source: NASA

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