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Instagram tests the ability to quickly share notes

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>quickly</b> <b>share</b> notes

Instagram is testing another new feature that allows users to send missing content and notes to other friends. This feature, called "Notes", allows users to share quick notes, such as notifications, in their "CloseFriends" section or to those who follow them.

Unlike the Twitter notes feature. Allowing users to keep their content for a long time, the Instagram version of this feature keeps only the content and messages sent for 24 hours and then deletes it automatically. This feature was first observed by a marketer named "Ahmad Ghanem". He posted screenshots of the feature on Twitter, which showed Instagram notes appearing on the direct page and in the new row above the messages. From here you can create a new note by tapping the + sign and send it to your intended user.

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>quickly</b> <b>share</b> notes

We should note that you can only use this feature to send texts with a maximum of 60 characters to others. According to the published screenshots, users will not receive notifications about sent notes, but can view and reply to them in the direct mail section within 24 hours of posting.

This feature can be used by users It is very convenient that they do not want to lose the messages of some users on their direct page. This feature will also get more views than stories. Instagram is currently testing this feature and it is expected that this feature will be available to the general users of this platform in the near future.

Last year, Instagram introduced its platform by offering new and useful features to one It became one of the most popular applications in the world. The executives of this company like to maintain this forward trend and increase the number of their users by publishing more capabilities. The latest report on Instagram's new features mentions that the platform is testing the removal of the Recent tab from the hashtag search page.

Currently, if you visit the hashtag search page, you may only The two tabs Top and Reel will be displayed for you and you will not see the Recent tab. The company's executives said that the experiment is being done to create more relevant content related to a particular hashtag and they are waiting to see the level of satisfaction and acceptance of users in this regard. According to Instagram, the Top tab in the hashtag search section shows users popular posts. While the Recent tab provided content to users based on when they were released.

  • Instagram Rails videos have a time limit of 90 seconds

as well as credible sources It has been reported that Instagram is testing a new feature called Templates, in which content creators can create Rails videos using a predefined format. Reverse engineer Alessandro Palozi broke the news about this feature a few months ago. Also, one of the Instagram influencers, "Josephine Hill", who has experience in using this feature, has given us information in this regard. With this feature, users can add their videos and photos to a predefined Instagram format and even put their favorite music on it.

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>quickly</b> <b>share</b> notes

Recent reports suggest that the Meta platform will soon add fundraising capabilities to its Rails application. Users in more than 30 countries around the world can donate to more than 1.5 million charities worldwide. Another new feature added to this popular platform is the private liking of stories. This feature allows users to like their followers' stories directly by tapping the heart icon. Finally, we have to mention the Amber Alerts feature, which is supposed to be available to users in some countries. Instagram plans to include Amber Alert in its main feed.

  • Instagram is testing a tool to confirm age by scanning the face

Source: Techcrunch

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