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Instagram tests the ability to add music to feed posts

BingMag.com Instagram tests the ability to add music to feed posts

Instagram Meta has been allowing users in supported areas to add music to their stories for several years. With a catalog that includes millions of songs in any genre, users can add a few seconds of a particular song to their story images and videos. Finally, with the introduction of Rails' Instagram support for music, the company is now testing the feature in feed posts and in limited areas.

According to the latest reports, this feature is available to a small percentage of people. It is being tested. Users in India and other unspecified countries have received the new feature of this platform. If you are one of the users of selected areas, when you want to publish a post, you will encounter a new menu to select music. Then you can add a few seconds of the specific song you like to your post. True, this feature is similar to adding music to stories and rails, but this time we will see adding music in the main feed posts.

BingMag.com Instagram tests the ability to add music to feed posts Instagram allows you to view the releases that have been released by users with a specific song. So people can be creative about making their own short videos, and other users can watch them all and have fun. By expanding music support for feed posts, users can similarly view other public posts that contain a specific song. In addition, there is a Use Audio option next to the posts, and you can easily use the music on another user's feed for your post.

It is not yet clear when the feature to add music to the main posts for Users from other regions are also available. It is worth noting that in general it is possible that this feature will not be able to successfully pass the test phase and will not be available to users.

As you know, Instagram, which feels the shadow of competitors much closer than before, in the months Recently, new and various features and updates have been added to encourage people to stay on this platform. One of these features is the "shake" feature, which allows users to report problems with the platform faster.

If you are using the Instagram app and it does not work as it should, when the app is open Shake your phone, a new page will open asking you: "Is there a problem?" And in that part, you can easily report your problem to the servers of this popular platform.

Another new feature that has been added to Instagram is what the CEO of this platform called the "finally" feature. This feature allows you to delete an image from the photo slide. He added that this feature was requested by many users from us and the company finally respected their request and made this feature available to all users.

"Musri" with a video "Now you can go and select one of the images you don't like in your post slides, then go to the three-dot menu at the top right, edit the image you want to get rid of," Twitter tweeted. Select and you will see the delete icon at the top left which you can delete. "

BingMag.com Instagram tests the ability to add music to feed posts

In addition to these features, Instagram has started using selfie videos to authenticate the user. Basically, Instagram asks new users to take a short selfie video, which is then used by the company's artificial intelligence algorithms to confirm that you are a real user.

Meta (Facebook), the owner of Instagram, assures selfie videos The ones you upload will never be visible on Instagram and will be deleted within 30 days. It is also said that this technology does not use biometric data and face recognition technology of this company.

Instagram also intends to equip TickTock users to equip Rails videos with the ability to convert text to speech. They type text for Rails videos, they can use the ability to convert this text to audio, which currently has two sounds for this feature.

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