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Instagram's new "Add Yours" sticker increases user interaction

BingMag.com Instagram's new 'Add Yours' sticker increases user interaction

Following the release of link stickers in the story, Instagram has added a new sticker called "Add Yours" to its stories that users will be able to use with these stickers. Was to share their images on a topic. The platform describes the "Add Yours" sticker as a way to create public themes in stories, and also notes that this is the first time a way has been added to Instagram for public participation in the form of stories.

Users use the "Add Yours" sticker to actually mark with a double arrow. This means that by placing this sticker in their story, they will ask other users to upload their stories in this section and they will find new people to follow. When you click on this sticker, the profile of all the users who have participated in this section will be shown to you so that you can see their story.

BingMag.com Instagram's new 'Add Yours' sticker increases user interaction

The new Instagram feature is now enabled for some areas, and you will probably have this feature in your story in the next update. This sticker asks you to share your Instagram page profile with others. By touching this sticker, all the people who have participated in this challenge so far and have shared their pictures will be marked at the bottom of the page, and you can see their pictures without having to participate in the challenge.

This tool can help Instagram to encourage more users, especially young people, to stay on the platform. Recent reports suggest that many of the younger generation of Instagram users are more inclined to other competing platforms such as TickTock. It seems that Instagram is targeting the younger generation with this new feature in order to satisfy them by using these stickers and interacting more with each other. Not bad to know that this platform has spent millions of dollars since 2018 in trying to attract teenagers to Instagram.

As mentioned, Instagram added a sticker link to its story stickers last week. This sticker has the same function as other stickers. You can find this sticker and copy the URL to save it with your photo or video. Instagram says it is working on options for users to customize the sticker to give them more information about the page to which users are being redirected. Drag upwards to open the link, in this way the links are placed inside the sticker and with one touch, they will take you to the desired URL. In addition, users can reply to stories that use these stickers, which was not possible in previous linked stories. It is worth noting that not everyone can use this new feature. This feature will not be added to new accounts and those that often post incorrect information and violent content. Instagram has announced that this action is part of its efforts to limit harmful content on this platform.

BingMag.com Instagram's new 'Add Yours' sticker increases user interaction

Instagram is also working on a feature that makes content creators easily accessible to sponsors. Using these tools, content creators can identify their preferred brands directly through this platform. In addition, brands can find content producers that fit their needs based on factors such as the number of followers. As one of the largest social networks in the world, Instagram is always trying to encourage more users to make the most of its platform by adding new and useful features in competition with other social networks such as TickTock or even YouTube. It remains to be seen what features will be added to this popular platform in the future.

Source: Engadget

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