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Instagram makes link sharing sticker available to all users

BingMag.com Instagram makes link sharing sticker available to all users

If you are one of the users who have not yet added a link sharing sticker to your Instagram story, do not worry. The platform, which made this feature available to a limited number of users a few months ago, has now announced that soon almost all Instagram users will be able to use the new link sharing sticker feature in their story.

This sticker has the same function as other stickers. You can find this sticker and copy the URL to save it with your photo or video. Instagram says it is working on options for users to customize the sticker and give them more background and information about the page to which users are being redirected. Instagram only allowed users to post links to stories whose accounts had been verified or had more than 10,000 followers. But now the situation has changed and soon almost all users can share the link in their story through a sticker.

BingMag.com Instagram makes link sharing sticker available to all users

Unlike the previous method in which the contact had to drag the page up to open the link, in this method the links are placed inside the sticker and with one touch, they will take you to the desired URL. In addition, users can reply to stories that use these stickers, which was not possible in previous linked stories. It is worth noting that not everyone can use this new feature. This feature will not be added to new accounts and those that often post incorrect information and violent content. Instagram has announced that this action is part of its efforts to limit harmful content on this platform.

Instagram will now monitor the sharing of links and will be careful to publish incorrect information and spam. Vishal Shah, Instagram product manager, says that the use of stickers in the current way is closer to the user usage mechanism than the total capabilities of this platform, so it makes the whole system more integrated. He also added that link stickers are the ultimate way for Instagram to provide links. Of course, the Instagram manager has emphasized that the links are supposed to be limited to stories, and the company has no plans to bring them to the feed or other parts of the app.

Instagram has undergone major changes in recent times, and recently It is working on new tools to make it easier for developers to monetize their services. The platform is working on a new feature store feature that first debuted at the Creator Week event in June. Functional stores are a new format of shopping stores available on Facebook. But the latest version of these stores allows manufacturers to make their products available for sale to users. Instagram is also working on new inbox features so that winners can easily connect with their sponsors.

The company has stated that it prioritizes such messages so that they do not get lost among other messages. Instagram is also working on a feature that makes it easy for developers to sponsor. Using these tools, developers can identify their favorite brands directly through this platform. In addition, brands can find manufacturers that fit their needs based on factors such as the number of followers.

BingMag.com Instagram makes link sharing sticker available to all users


Not bad to know that Instagram intends to test new features on its platform in order to increase the satisfaction of its users and as a move forward in publishing video content. Initially, Instagram decided to increase the 15-second limit on stories to one minute so that we could have integrated videos in the stories. The development department of Instagram announced that stories will soon be increased to 60 seconds in order to encourage users to produce video content.

These days, Instagram has become the number one social network for users in many parts of the world. About a week ago, this popular platform unveiled a new feature for live streaming called Live Scheduling, which is actually a tool for scheduling Instagram live. The new Live Scheduling feature allows users to schedule their live schedules up to 90 days before their due date. Collabs is another Instagram feature that allows users to share a regular post or Reel. All in all, thanks to the Collabs feature, a shared post or Reel between two accounts is published for the followers of both of them, and comments and the number of likes are also shared with them.

Source: Engadget

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