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Instagram makes it easier for content creators to find sponsors

BingMag.com Instagram makes it easier for content creators to find sponsors

Instagram is working on new tools to make it easier for developers to monetize their services. The platform is working on a new feature store feature, first unveiled at the Creator Week event in June. Functional stores are a new format of shopping stores available on Facebook. But the latest version of these stores allows manufacturers to make their products available for sale to users.

When users purchase these products from these stores, manufacturers receive a commission (although the exact terms of the process) Not mentioned in detail). The company has announced that this purchase feature is currently only available to developers who are part of the program. Instagram is also working on new inbox features so that winners can easily connect with their sponsors. In the new Instagram Direct feature, brand messages will be available in the dedicated partnerships section.

The company has stated that it prioritizes such messages so that they are not lost among other messages. Instagram is also working on a feature that makes it easy for developers to sponsor. Using these tools, developers can identify their desired brands directly through this platform. In addition, brands can find manufacturers that fit their needs based on factors such as age, gender and number of followers.

BingMag.com Instagram makes it easier for content creators to find sponsors

These tools are in the early stages of testing, and only a handful of brands and manufacturers are involved. But the company has previously stated that such features could be widely welcomed by users. We'll have to wait and see when this feature will be officially released. It has on its platform. Initially, Instagram decided to increase the 15-second limit on stories to one minute so that we could have integrated videos in the stories. Images released by Instagram Development show that stories will soon be extended to 60 seconds to encourage users to produce video content.

With this feature you will be able to share your Reels videos without splitting them into Upload 15-second segments together into your story. The platform had already increased the duration of Reels videos to one minute. Instagram will also add a marker to indicate that the user's video belongs to the Reels section of its account to direct other users to that section. Last month, Adam Mousri announced the integration of the app's video tools with the aim of simplifying the content production process and reducing the various tools on the platform. The social network also announced that from tomorrow, users will be able to post their pictures and videos through desktop browsers.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Instagram unveiled a new feature for live streaming called Live Scheduling. Which is actually a tool for scheduling Instagram live. The new Live Scheduling feature allows users to schedule their live schedules up to 90 days before their due date. Users can also use the reminder feature to alert them when they start live streaming.

BingMag.com Instagram makes it easier for content creators to find sponsors

Some analysts claim that Instagram has clearly felt the development of the TickTock app in recent months, which is a serious threat to the platform. That is why Instagram tries to keep its fans and users on this platform by offering new and various capabilities. These measures will make Instagram more focused on the key elements that play the most important role in attracting users (Stories and Reels).

The platform also unveiled the Collabs feature a few days ago, which allows users to Jointly publish a regular or Reel post. All in all, thanks to the Collabs feature, the post or Reel shared between the two accounts is published for the followers of both of them, and also the comments and the number of likes are shared with them. To take advantage of this feature, you need to go to the page related to tagging friends, and from this section you can do so.

Since Thursday, Instagram has finally made it possible to publish posts and videos through desktop computer browsers Is. Instagram tested this feature a few months ago and it is now set to be available to all users. Although this is a very basic and simple feature, in general, Instagram does not pay much attention to its web version, especially for computers. It should be noted that last year the ability to send and receive direct was added to the web version of Instagram.

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