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Instagram is testing longer stories

BingMag.com Instagram is testing longer stories

Instagram intends to test new features on its platform in order to increase the satisfaction of its users and as a move forward in publishing video content. Initially, Instagram decided to increase the 15-second limit on stories to one minute so that we could have integrated videos in the stories. Images released by Instagram Development show that stories will soon be extended to 60 seconds to encourage users to produce video content.

A Twitter user named Alessandro Palozi tweeted 60 seconds longer videos Story has announced that it will be available to users with the release of the update. Of course, this tweet does not mention the official release date of this new feature, and it remains to be seen what plans Instagram has for its release. With this feature, you will be able to upload your Reels videos to your story all at once without splitting into 15-second sections. This platform had previously increased the duration of Reels videos to one minute.

BingMag.com Instagram is testing longer stories

Instagram will also add a marker to indicate that the user's video belongs to the Reels section of its account to direct other users to that section. Last month, Adam Mousri announced the integration of the app's video tools with the aim of simplifying the content production process and reducing the various tools on the platform. The social network also announced that from tomorrow, users will be able to post their pictures and videos through desktop browsers.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Instagram unveiled a new feature for live streaming called Live Scheduling. Which is actually a tool for scheduling Instagram live. The new Live Scheduling feature allows users to schedule their live schedules up to 90 days before their due date. Users can also use the reminder feature to alert them when they start live.

Some analysts claim that Instagram has clearly seen the development of the TickTock app in recent months. He felt that this was a serious threat to the platform. That is why Instagram tries to keep its fans and users on this platform by offering new and various capabilities. These actions will make Instagram more focused on the key elements that play the most important role in attracting users (Stories and Reels).

BingMag.com Instagram is testing longer stories

The platform also unveiled the Collabs feature a few days ago, which allows users to jointly publish a regular post or Reel. All in all, thanks to the Collabs feature, the post or Reel shared between the two accounts is published for the followers of both of them, and also the comments and the number of likes are shared with them. To take advantage of this feature, you need to go to the page related to tagging friends, and from this section you can do so.

Also, as we said at the beginning, from Thursday, Instagram will finally publish posts and videos from Makes it possible through desktop computer browsers. Instagram tested this feature months ago and is now set to be available to all users. Although this is a very basic and simple feature, in general, Instagram does not pay much attention to its web version, especially for computers. It should be noted that last year the ability to send and receive direct was added to the web version of Instagram. The New York Times recently published a report citing several internal documents and the statements of several anonymous sources, which expressed Instagram's concern about the loss of teenage users of this social network.

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