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Instagram announced a test of the Templates feature for Rails videos

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>announced</b> a <b>test</b> of the <b>Templates</b> <b>feature</b> for <b>Rails</b> videos

According to the latest reports from credible sources, Instagram is testing a new feature called Templates in which content creators can use templates. Make predefined Rails videos. The Templates feature is somewhat similar to the similar feature in TickTock, which allows users to add their photos and videos to Rails in a predefined format.

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It should be noted that reverse engineer Alessandro Palozi broke the news about this feature a few months ago. Also, one of the Instagram influencers, "Josephine Hill", who has experience in using this feature, gives us information in this regard. In one of the screenshots he posted, it appears that users can add their videos and photos to a predefined Instagram format and even put their favorite music on it.

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>announced</b> a <b>test</b> of the <b>Templates</b> <b>feature</b> for <b>Rails</b> videos

This very useful feature can be said to eliminate the need for Instagram users to use some clip-making applications such as Canva. "This is exactly what I was looking for with Instagram Rails, something like the TickTock audio sync feature, where videos sync perfectly with the sound of music," Hill said. "Instagram Template feature will make the content production process much more integrated and easier than before."

This new Instagram feature is now available to a small group of users for testing. But we expect that if confirmed, this feature will be available to all users of this popular Meta platform in the near future. With this feature, Instagram seems to be trying to encourage creators to produce and publish their own clips directly within the app.

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Apart from this, the popular Instagram platform last year was able to increase the number of its contacts by adding new and very useful features to its application, and this year the company intends to show a good trend by presenting Continue more user-friendly features. In this regard, in the latest report, it was mentioned that Instagram is testing the removal of the Recent tab from the hashtag search page. Currently, if you go to the hashtag search page, you may see only the Top and Reel tabs and not the Recent tab. The company's executives said that the experiment is being done to create more relevant content related to a particular hashtag and they are waiting to see the level of satisfaction and acceptance of users in this regard. According to Instagram, the Top tab in the hashtag search section shows users popular posts. While the Recent tab provided content to users based on when they were released.

BingMag.com <b>Instagram</b> <b>announced</b> a <b>test</b> of the <b>Templates</b> <b>feature</b> for <b>Rails</b> videos

It has recently introduced a new feature for its users that automatically adds subtitles to videos. This new feature is currently only enabled for some languages, but Instagram has promised to add more languages to this feature soon. This feature uses AI technology, so the subtitles may not be complete at first, but over time, as AI learns, their quality will improve and more languages will be added. Adding automatic subtitles is very useful for users who suffer from hearing problems. Also, content creators used to have to manually add subtitles to their video content, but now with this great feature, their process will be easier.

Recent reports also point out that The Meta platform will soon add fundraising capabilities to its Rails application. Users in more than 30 countries around the world can donate by linking to more than 1.5 million charities around the world.

Source: TheVerge

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