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Instagram allows you to publish shared posts and share likes

BingMag.com Instagram allows you to publish shared posts and share likes

Instagram unveiled the Collabs feature hours ago, allowing users to share a regular post or Reel. It will also be possible to publish the post through the computer browser from Thursday.

Overall, thanks to the Collabs feature, a shared post or Reel between two accounts will be published for the followers of both of them, as well as comments and the number of likes. It is also shared with them. To take advantage of this feature, you need to go to the page related to tagging friends, and from this section you can do so.

Also, as we said at the beginning, from Thursday, Instagram will finally publish posts and videos from Makes it possible through desktop computer browsers. Instagram tested this feature a few months ago and it is now set to be available to all users. Although this is a very basic and simple feature, in general, Instagram does not pay much attention to its web version, especially for computers. It should be noted that last year the ability to send and receive direct was added to the web version of Instagram.

BingMag.com Instagram allows you to publish shared posts and share likes

Also starting tomorrow, testing of a new fundraising feature will begin, allowing users to donate the desired amount by tapping the + icon at the top right of the interface. We should also mention a number of new effects in the Reels section that can increase the appeal of these short videos.

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Source: the Verge

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