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The initial experience of working with Android 12L indicates its extensive optimization

BingMag.com The initial experience of working with Android 12L indicates its extensive optimization

While using the emulator has never been the best solution for the software experience, it will help us in a preliminary and more detailed review of the new Android 12L operating system has done. At the moment Google is still working on this operating system and this version is only available to us through the emulator and you have to test it using the basic software of Android Studio Build. Android 12L is a version of Google's operating system that has been developed and modified to provide the best user experience when using clamshell smartphones and tablets. Google has released the first preview version of Android 12L developers, and a release for the Lenovo P12 Pro tablet will be released soon. It's difficult, but when you start working with different parts of the device, everything becomes apparent immediately.

Improving and optimizing multitasking

While Google's multitasking experience was not a bad experience But with the introduction of Android 12L, the company intends to allow you to be more productive in tablets and clamshell phones with features that make multitasking better and more intuitive. To make the most of the free space on the screen, the operating system has made changes to the Multitasking window to make things easier. Google is also adding support for several different moves to the taskbar, including drag and drop to enter split-screen mode and swipe up to go home. Fast-moving motion has also been added to the operating system, allowing you to browse recent applications. Also, whenever you like, you can hide or reveal it by long pressing on the taskbar.

BingMag.com The initial experience of working with Android 12L indicates its extensive optimization

Split shortcut is another multitasking change of Android 12L operating system. You can use this function to split your screen to run different applications. With Android 12L, running two apps on one screen at the same time has become easier than ever. You can drag and drop your favorite apps directly from the taskbar to the split page. Google has announced that all applications can enter multi-window mode, and their size does not matter. Applications that are open in the Recent section are displayed in a small 4-by-4 format on the left side of the screen. You can tap the icons of these apps to quickly enter the split screen using the Pin option. It is considered great. In this task, the icon of different applications is placed, for example, if you need to use two applications at the same time, just drag the desired app icon to the left or right of the screen and release. This toolbar is very similar to the Chrome OS toolbar. The Android 12L taskbar makes it easier for users to switch between apps, and by dragging and dropping an app from the taskbar, it can be opened in split-screen mode and the two apps can be placed side by side. You can hide it by double-tapping the taskbar. This gives you a full screen that you can make the most of.

Split screen

Although the new screen splitting mode is very device oriented on Android 12L is relevant but has some limitations. If a folding device is in portrait mode, windows can only be stacked, and in landscape mode, split windows can only run applications side by side. Unlike Google, we can use Samsung One UI, which is one of the few manufacturers of clamshell parts on the market, in any direction, and there are no restrictions. But the original version of the operating system, which will be released in early 2022, seems to have removed these restrictions.

BingMag.com The initial experience of working with Android 12L indicates its extensive optimization

Screen split mode works in sync with Taskbar, meaning you'll be able to drag and drop two apps to run on the screen at the same time. This screen will brighten both sides of the screen where the app is running to help you orient it properly, to have a better experience working with this operating system. This feature seems to be used in the iPadOS operating system as well.

Notification panel

Another part that has been improved in Android 12L is the notifications section. This section has seen a lot of changes thanks to Android 12, but in Android 12L this panel makes more dramatic changes in larger screens. Instead of just one page, the notification panel is divided into two columns. In the example released by Google, the quick settings are on the left side of the screen and the notifications panel is on the right side, giving them simultaneous access. The left part contains 8 examples of quick settings that, like Android 12, you can change this part to your liking.

While this is undoubtedly a great change, but when there is no notification for If you do not have a display, it will take up a lot of space on the screen without any special use, and this may be considered a negative point in this operating system by some.

Settings menu

Approx. In the same way that the notifications panel is optimized to make better use of larger screens, the settings menu has been improved to introduce a two-column approach in Android 12L. This section also consists of 2 columns, in the left column we see different sections of settings, and on the right side there are more specific settings and options. In general, the strategy of this design will be to spend less time in finding the settings of the section that users want. This feature makes a big difference for clamshells and tablets because all the settings of different parts of the device are displayed in one page in a concise and useful way. Therefore, this section has been significantly improved.

BingMag.com The initial experience of working with Android 12L indicates its extensive optimization

In general, Android 12L system interface for Corrects the use of extra space on the tablet. With this operating system, it becomes easier to use a large screen for tasks such as notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen and more. Google has announced that all devices with a pixel density of 600 pixels will use a standalone layout with two columns above, so that the entire display will be useful to users. The company has also stated that it is working with various companies to update the 12L. The Android 12L operating system will probably be released in early 2022.

Source: 9to5google

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