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Information was leaked from three Samsung smartwatches (possibly the Galaxy Watch 5) codenamed "Heart"

According to the Galaxy Clubs website, Samsung apparently wants three new smartwatches (possibly the Galaxy Watch 5) this year, all of which are codenamed "Heart". Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatches this year, but for now, the issue that has caused controversy among whistleblowers and news sources is that the Korean company is launching these watches. There are several models on the market. At first it was thought that like last year, Samsung will unveil both classic and standard models this year, but later we heard that the company wants to increase this number to three. The news was rumored, but now it seems to have gotten a little more serious.

Recently, the reputable Galaxy Clubs website published a report stating that Samsung is building three new smartwatches . These watches, of which we do not have much information, are most likely from the Galaxy Watch 5 series, but the point is that the code name for all of them is "Heart". Of course, each of these models also has an extension. In fact, these three models are codenamed Heart-S, Heart-L and Heart Pro.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung wants a Pro model from the Galaxy series instead of the classic model this year. Unveil Watch 5. Now with the release of this new news and the existence of a model called the Heart Pro code, we can be very confident in the accuracy of the previous news.

According to this report, it seems that Samsung wants to improve its strategy in relation to Change with his smartwatches. If you pay attention, you will probably notice that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has not had a replacement for a long time, and the Watch 4 series has been launched in two models. It is now possible that Samsung will stop production of the Active Watch series and instead increase the number of its flagships to three. In this way, Samsung will give a special order to its smartwatch and users will not be confused in choosing between different models.

BingMag.com <b>Information</b> was <b>leaked</b> <b>from</b> <b>three</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>smartwatches</b> <b>(possibly</b> the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Watch</b> 5) <b>codenamed</b> 'Heart'

It looks like the Heart-S will be the smallest model of Samsung's new smartwatch, available in 40mm and 42mm sizes with the SM-R90X model number. The Heart-L is slightly larger and comes in 44 and 46mm sizes with the model number SM-R19X. Finally, we come to the Pro model, which will only be available in an unspecified size. three of a series. Otherwise they should have had a different code name. It remains to be seen what policy Samsung will eventually adopt to name them.

In a recent report on the Galaxy Watch 5, we found out that Samsung wants a lot of battery life in this product. High-capacity 572 mAh, which is about 200 mAh of the battery used in the largest available Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, has more capacity, which means that in this product, we will see a dramatic increase in battery life. However, the text of the report states that it can not be 100% claimed that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will definitely be released.

In any case, Samsung will unveil its clamshell phones before this summer. , Is unlikely to unveil these watches. This means that there are still a few months until their official unveiling, and as a result, more news and Information are expected to be published. Of course, what we can almost say for sure is that Samsung's new smartwatches are equipped with Google's Wear OS. Active from the production line seems more logical. Now we have to see what happens.

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