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Information about Snapdragon 7 generation 2 and Mediatek 8200 was released

BingMag.com <b>Information</b> <b>about</b> <b>Snapdragon</b> 7 <b>generation</b> 2 and <b>Mediatek</b> <b>8200</b> was released

Qualcomm and Mediatek plan to unveil their mid-range chips called Snapdragon 7 generation 2 and Dimension 8200 later this year.

Qualcomm and Mediatek are currently two major companies active in the field of mobile processor production, which have released very good and powerful chips to the market. Of course, Mediatek has been able to improve its performance in this field for several years and become one of the best in this field. If we say that this company was able to launch the most optimized mid-range chip of the last few years (Dimension 8100) on the market a few months ago, we are not saying wrong at all. A chip that is excellent in terms of performance stability and it is hard to find a competitor for it in this sector.

Of course, in response to Dimension 8100, Qualcomm also unveiled Snapdragon 7 generation 1, which was a capable processor, but In no way could it perform close to its competitor and it can be said that it was an unsuccessful attempt by Qualcomm to compete with the competitor. Dimension 8100 appeared so bright that it overshadowed many other Mediatek processors, including the powerful and excellent flagship of this company and even Snapdragon 888, and attracted all the attention.

Qualcomm after failing to With Snapdragon 7 generation 1, to challenge Mediatek, it thought of producing a successor. Snapdragon 7 generation 2 is the chip that is supposed to replace the previous generation and keep Qualcomm proud in the competition with MediaTek. Of course, Mediatek is not sitting quietly and plans to unveil Dimension 8200 as a response to this chip.

Snapdragon 7 generation 2 is also known as Snapdragon 7 Plus generation 1 in a series of news, but we do not know exactly What name should it be given? Of course, this issue is not very important because it is the technical specifications that are ultimately important and decisive. The fact that Qualcomm appeared so weak with the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, but has so much confidence in the new product, is because it wants to entrust the task of manufacturing it to TSMC. The company that also produced the Snapdragon 8 Plus generation 1 and was able to appear much better than Samsung, which was in charge of making the standard model of this chip. Its lithography will most likely be 4nm.

We don't have much Information about the 8200 dimension, but this chip will most likely be made by TSMC. It is not clear with what manufacturing technology. But both of these chips are supposed to act as the beating heart of many mid-range phones. Phones with a high refresh rate display, support for a 100W charger, a 50 megapixel camera, etc. will be released.

Unfortunately, we do not know when Qualcomm and Mediatek will unveil their new chips, but rumors suggest It is possible that Qualcomm will introduce this expected mid-range chip at its November event where it plans to unveil Snapdragon 8 generation 2. For the Mediatek chip, however, no specific date has been announced except that it is said that this will probably happen later this year. Now we have to wait and see which company will win the mid-range battle.

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