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Increase the access limit of RAM in iPadOS 15 to 12 GB

BingMag.com Increase the access limit of RAM in iPadOS 15 to 12 GB

A report was released in June stating that Apple intends to allow developers to allocate more RAM to apps on the iPadOS 15 Be able to use the large amount of memory on the iPad to run these applications quickly and smoothly. Apple seems to be trying to give application developers a chance to tell app developers that many apps will perform much better than before if they use more RAM on high-end iPads.

To date, we have limited information about specific details We had this right of access to RAM, including the amount of RAM that an application could use. But with the unveiling of the iPadOS 15 operating system on September 20, new information has been released on the subject. Apple has announced that on high-end iPads, apps can use up to twice as much RAM as the previous one.

They have 16 GB of RAM, programs can use up to 12 GB of RAM and show their maximum quality and mentality. On other models and iPad Pros with only 8GB of RAM, apps can use up to 6GB of RAM.

In both cases, if an app tells iPadOS that it has more memory to run smoothly It requires, the operating system still provides 2 GB of cache (buffer). In addition, 4 GB of cache is provided for high-end iPad Pro and 2 GB of cache for other models.

Apple will officially release iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 next week Releases

This new feature is likely to be critical to compact graphics applications, such as photo and video design, modeling, and editing applications. While developers welcome the expansion of RAM access restrictions, some Apple users may argue that iPadOS does not make full use of the hardware on the iPad, especially the 11.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Using the M1 chip.

Apple has announced that this upgrade to RAM access restrictions will be possible on "supported devices" and, for now, on what devices other than The new iPad Pro will benefit greatly from this feature, no announcement from Apple. For example, this week Apple released a new iPad mini and the ninth generation iPad with 4 GB and 3 GB of RAM, respectively. For these new models, it is unlikely that Apple will allow applications to access RAM beyond the system limit, as it may affect the core performance of the iPadOS.

The iPadOS 15 operating system, which includes new features including Placement of the widget anywhere on the home screen, multitasking enhancements, live text, and more will be available to users along with iOS 15, WatchOS 8, and tvOS 15 from Monday, September 20.

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Source: MacRumors

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