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8 Important Tips to Know Before Assembling a Computer Case

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

There are several benefits to Assembling a Computer case. First of all, by doing this, you can use exactly the right parts for your needs. This will save you money or make you a better computer. You also have a lot of personalization and you can implement different ideas.

In addition, if you assemble your Computer case, you will get acquainted with how to install all kinds of hardware components, and as a result, whenever You can replace different parts without getting help from others or paying extra. But for those who do not have experience in this field, such a thing can be scary. Therefore, in the following, we will discuss 8 Important points that it is better to pay attention to Before Assembling the Computer case.

1. Assembling a Computer case is not that difficult

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Assembling a Computer is not very technical The Computer case is a very complex and difficult process. Some people, in order to make this process very complicated, regularly use terms such as overclocking and BIOS to show others that they are highly specialized in this field. But in fact, this is not difficult at all, and for example, one of the YouTubers named Jayz Two Cents has shown that even a 5-year-old child with limited help can do this.

Of course, if you want to take advantage You have some special features, the complexity of this task becomes much more. For example, setting up a custom liquid cooling system is not an easy task at all. But if you just want to connect the main components, you can easily do this by watching a few tutorials on YouTube.

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2. Now is probably the best time to assemble a Computer case

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Buying graphics cards had to overcome many obstacles, and in addition to their limited supply, their prices had risen significantly. The graphics card is usually one of the most expensive parts in the case, and gamers and those who work with it for their work can not ignore it.

Although the shortage of some parts is still seen in the global market, But with the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies, graphics cards are no longer used to extract digital currencies as they used to be, so their prices are falling. Of course, considering the situation of sanctions and Iran's economy, the trend of reducing the price of graphics cards is not as much as other countries, but on the other hand, we must also mention the turmoil in the Iranian dollar market. So this is probably the best time to assemble a Computer case.

3. Note the compatibility of different parts

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

When buying different parts for the case, You must pay attention to the compatibility between them. Almost all users Know that motherboards for AMD processors are different from motherboards compatible with Intel processors. You should also pay attention to the generation of these processors. On the other hand, if you do not intend to use DDR5 RAM, when buying a motherboard, you should be careful not to buy a motherboard based on slots dedicated to DDR5 RAM. Power is also one of the most Important components that power the various parts of the case. So given the energy required for the graphics card, processor and other components, you need to buy the right power supply.

Sometimes all components are compatible at first glance, but in reality not all of their power is used. For example, you might put a very powerful graphics card next to a weak processor. In this case, not all the power of the graphics card is used.

In this regard, we must also mention the size restrictions. If you want to use a small case, then you have trouble inserting giant graphics cards. There are various sites for component compatibility, such as PC Part Picker.

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4. Beware of static electricity

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Although the risk of a piece of hardware with very static electricity breaks down But there is such a possibility. Given the high price of these components, you certainly do not want to take that risk.

When you take a large number of free electrons from the surrounding surfaces, your body generates static electricity. As the number of electrons increases, they try to transfer to another conductive body. This is the slightest shock when touching You feel like metal objects.

Unfortunately, many Computer components are highly conductive, and a small electrical current can cause a lot of damage to them. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to use static anti-static wristbands. If you do not have access to such fasteners, we recommend that you stand on a floor without carpet to drain the electricity. Also touch a metal every few seconds while doing the work to discharge static electricity.

5. Do not skimp on some parts!

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Most users have a very large budget to assemble They do not have a Computer case. A limited budget also means you have to come up with some short parts, so you either have to use second-hand parts or buy lower quality parts. In some cases this is not a problem. For example, you can use cheap RAM and hard disk space instead of SSD memory, and replace these parts whenever you can afford it.

But for some parts, you should not be stingy at all. First of all we have to mention the motherboard that connects all the components. If the motherboard is of poor quality, it will probably not use the maximum power of some expensive components. On the other hand, we must also mention the importance of power. If you use a weak power supply, you will continue to have problems upgrading your graphics card and will inevitably have to replace the power supply as well.

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6. CPU installation is one of the most difficult parts of the assembly process

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Most case parts They are located and the processor is no exception to this rule. However, the risk of incorrect processor installation is greater than other components. The processor is one of the most expensive parts of the system, which uses several thin pins in its lower part. Pouring thermal paste on these pins will make it difficult for you to clean at best, and at worst it will cause CPU failure due to a short circuit. On the other hand, we should mention the possibility of bending the pins during installation.

After installing the processor, it is time to use silicone paste or the same thermal paste that can transfer heat better to the heatsink and as a result The processor will cool down. There are many Tips on how to use this paste, so it is better to watch some instructional videos on YouTube Before using it.

7. If the system does not work immediately, do not panic!

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

After the Computer assembly process is complete , You definitely want to turn on the system as soon as possible. But the system may not turn on. If you are new to this topic, you are likely to be stressed out because you think you have made a mistake and your Computer has crashed. But usually this problem occurs due to ignoring some simple points.

For example, some users do not Know that there is a switch on the back of the case to turn the power on and off. If the problem persists, see if the RAMs are installed correctly. Then check the cables of all the components and it is better to look at the processor and the graphics card.

8. You can always upgrade different parts

BingMag.com 8 <b>Important</b> <b>Tips</b> to <b>Know</b> <b>Before</b> <b>Assembling</b> a <b>Computer</b> Case

Hundreds of different parts are needed to assemble the case Choose the one that can be very difficult depending on your budget. Therefore, in such cases, you can assemble your system in such a way that it will be easier to upgrade parts in the future. For example, upgrading some components such as RAM and SSD is very easy, and when you have enough money, you can replace them.

The most Important advantage of a desktop Computer is that it is easy to replace different parts. . So if you want to use a 12th generation Intel processor but do not have enough money to buy an i7, you must first buy a suitable motherboard to get the most out of this processor. Then by buying, for example, the i3 model, you can use it for a while, and whenever you earn enough money, you can buy the i7 model of the same generation. The same is true for graphics, RAM, and SSD memory.

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