Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

You want to sell your second hand phone but you do not know how to do it? It is recommended that you do not miss this article because we will review the points that will definitely be useful for selling a second-hand phone. Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

You want to sell your second hand phone but you do not know how to do it? It is recommended that you do not miss this article because we will review the points that will definitely be useful for selling a second-hand phone.

These days, smartphones have become much more powerful than before, and therefore when using it He buys, he needs a new phone later. But if this feeling of need arises, there are several ways to use an old phone. First, give it to a family member who has never had a smartphone, or at least it is better than what he used; The second is to keep the phone with us as a second phone and use it, and the third is to sell it as a second-hand phone.

Note that today's phones are really good, and definitely after After a while, they still have the necessary efficiency and quality. So when buying a new phone, be sure to keep in mind that your old phone can also have a lot of performance. If you want to use the phone, there is not much left, but if you want to sell the phone as a second-hand product, there are several things that you must consider so that you can do it safely./p>

Selling a used phone is sometimes not as easy as we expect. There are a number of points that we must follow so that we are not harmed both as a seller and the buyer can have a good experience. So stay tuned. In this article, we will look at a few different things:

  • Should I sell my phone?
  • What should I do before selling my phone?
  • How do I sell my phone?
  • Other important points

Do I have to sell my phone? Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

The first thing to consider before selling a phone is whether selling it at all is the best decision you can make. As mentioned above, smartphones these days can work well even after a few years. So do not rush to sell them. However, there are a number of pros and cons that need to be considered.

Why sell your old phone?

  • Upgrade: If your phone is slow and no longer meets your needs, buying a new phone can really be a boost. Because by selling this phone, you can also reimburse part of the cost of the new phone.
  • Buy a weaker phone: This may seem strange, especially in our country, but if You've bought a smartphone and you think it 's really powerful enough for your needs, so you do not use more than half of its features, you can sell it and buy a cheaper earphone and put the rest of the money in your pocket. In such cases, selling the phone to someone who knows why you are going to sell the phone can prevent losses.
  • Low purchase value: One of the reasons users want They are selling their phones sooner so that their value does not go down. For example, you buy a powerful phone and you know you will need a new phone in three years. Why do you have to wait three years for the phone to lose its initial performance and its price to drop sharply? It makes sense to sell it and buy a new phone after two years to sell the phone at the highest possible price.
  • Software Update: New phones in terms of software They get more updates, especially if companies like Samsung or Apple have produced them, because these two companies are currently the best in this field with 4 and 5 years of software and security updates. If you know your phone will not receive a new update after one year, you should sell it and buy a newer phone. Of course, this is in a situation where you care about software updates.
  • Give the phone a second chance: Do not forget that if your phone can no longer meet your needs, it may need a lot of people. Cover the other. As a result, selling it is a great idea because you can both make some money buying a new phone and in turn avoid environmental pollution, as this will keep the phones in use.
Sometimes buying a new phone and selling an old one has no logical reason!
  • Experience new features: Unless you experience something new, you can not claim that the product you have is the best. Smartphones have different manufacturers these days. Although Android phones have a single operating system, even these products They are produced by companies that use their own style and context in designing the user interface and give Android a unique color and glaze. So sometimes users want to try a new product, which they are absolutely right. As a result, they sell their old phone and move on to other models.

Why not sell your old phone?

  • Maybe your phone is still good Be: You've probably heard the adage that "a head that does not hurt is not covered with a handkerchief." This statement also applies in these circumstances. That means when you still get what you need from your old phone and you do not need to buy a new phone at all, but you do it. You should know that this has no effect other than emptying your bank account, unless you really have no particular reason to buy a new phone.
  • Losing money: As above It was pointed out that if you are late, your phone may lose its value and it may no longer make sense to sell it. So at this time it is better to use the phone yourself as much as possible and enjoy, because selling it will be detrimental to you.
  • Use as a second phone: These days, the cost of repairing a powerful phone is as high as the price of an economical phone. When you have a good budget phone that can no longer meet your needs, why sell it? Do all the heavy work with a new and more powerful phone and at the same time use your old phone to handle lighter tasks.
  • Giving the phone to kids: These days Kids may need a smartphone to go to school, have fun, and.. Of course, we do not say that you should buy a smartphone for them in any case, but if for any reason your child needs a smartphone, instead of spending and buying another phone for him, you can give him your old phone and a more powerful phone. Buy for yourself. This is indicated by a triple arrow; You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

    > That is, data is usually not completely erased from a memory, and there is always a way to recover it. Knowing this, try to give the phone to someone you trust or keep it yourself and get rid of the idea of selling it. Especially if you want to sell it to someone you know nothing about. Because you do not know what the purpose of buying a phone is.
  • Golden time: Selling a second-hand phone requires a lot of effort and time. You may try for hours and days, but you will not be able to sell your phone at the right price. Depending on the type of activity you are doing, you may be able to use the opportunity to do something more useful and even make money.
  • This can be risky: If you are new to And do not be unfamiliar with the work, there is a possibility that you will lose your hat. Sometimes you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

    Now we think you read all these tips but still make your decision and want to sell your phone. Now there are a number of things to keep in mind because selling a second-hand phone is not an easy task at all, but if you know a few things, it does not seem to be very difficult anymore.

    The value of the phone Determine yourself Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    Knowing how much your phone is worth is not a difficult task, Of course If your phone is available. Because otherwise the price will not be recorded at all in any of the online stores. But do not worry, this problem can be solved.

    Just go to the physical stores in your city and tell the seller if a phone with the same model as your phone is second-hand, with what. At what price can you buy it? Note that if possible, do not say that you intend to sell the phone yourself. You probably know the reason for this, so try not to make noise. Note that do not stop searching just by going to a store once. Go to more than 5 or 6 stores and get the information you want from all of them to make sure your phone is worth it.

    Note that if your phone has a particular problem, its display has been replaced. There may be scratches or scratches on the back panel or display, the speakers are broken, the battery needs to be replaced or not at all, and many other things that make a phone second-hand must be removed during the process of receiving information. Let the sellers know. However, in this case, you may have to say that you intend to sell. If you are unsure how much your phone is worth, follow these steps

    Back up your phone Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    most likely someone Sells himself to buy a new phone. As a result, it will probably need its old information on the new phone. In these cases, it is recommended to secretly log in to your account and back up all the necessary information such as contacts, pictures, videos and files. Make sure all of this information is fully backed up and deleted from your old phone before it is delivered to the customer.

    The best way to delete information is to return the phone to factory settings. Doing so, as the name implies, will completely restore the phone to its original state, all applications will be deleted, all settings will be reset, and the phone will be virtually new. You even have to restart the phone. Note that before resetting the settings, be sure to delete all the user accounts linked to the phone as the other person may not be able to give their account to the phone.

    To return the phone to the factory settings depending on the model The products you have, you have to go a different path. But in general, when you enter the phone settings, search for "Reset" in the search field, which will bring up the relevant page. In general, it is recommended to get the instruction of returning the phone to factory settings via the Internet.

    Take beautiful pictures of your phone Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    This is recommended for those who want to sell their phone offline through online websites. Because on the net, the only way for a customer to communicate with you is through a phone call and the images you share of your product. As a result, you should try to capture good quality images from your phone as much as possible. In some cases, users who want to buy a phone will trust those who care about such things more.

    So clean the phone first and place it on a suitable surface with a nice background. Give. Note that your image is not artistic, so the phone must be displayed in the best possible angle. If the phone has a certain scratch, is broken, has a problem that can be noticed at a glance, Be sure , I emphasize, Be sure to take a picture so that the customer through The images notice them. Then you can write in the description what is the reason for this scratch.

    Note that the phone should be displayed in the best possible way in the images, but not in an unrealistic way. So try to show it in the pictures if there is a problem with its appearance.

    Try adjusting the ambient light so that the phone image is not too dark or too bright. Do not crowd around the phone too much. Remember, as mentioned, you are not going to take an art photo of the phone, you are just going to announce the real conditions to the audience in a suitable environment with a beautiful background. So you do not need anything special. Because maybe the customer thinks you want to fool him with these things. So try not to get excited.

    How do I sell my phone?

    The source website lists the names of online stores and platforms as a platform for sales, including Examples include eBay, telecommunications companies, and more. Since we live in Iran and do not have access to such stores, we will mention a few platforms with which you can sell your second-hand phone.

    Walls & Trumpets

    Instagram and Facebook Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    If you know someone who has a large number of followers on popular social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, ask him or her to post or store an ad selling your phone. This will inform a large number of users about this issue and they will contact you if they want to buy. The conditions for advertising the product on these social networks are very similar to the wall and the trumpet. With the difference that you no longer need to register here. If you do not know someone who will post a sales ad for you, you can ask your friends and acquaintances to share this news with their followers in their stories. As this news spreads, a lot of people will definitely see it. So use social media as a great platform to sell a used phone Do not forget yourself.

    Physical Stores

    Another way to sell a used phone is to take it to stores and ask the seller to sell it to you if there is a demand. . In this case, the seller takes a small amount of money for himself and gives you a large part. But experience has shown that in this way, users can get answers faster. Of course, if the phone is very popular with users. Naturally, a second-hand Galaxy A22 sells much later than the iPhone 11, so you have to be patient enough considering all that.

    Other important points Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    Prioritize your safety

    In offline purchases, if there is an intermediary that processes the purchase and It would be really great to do the sale for a fee. But if there is no middleman,. Most likely you have to do everything yourself. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. This is the natural process of work. Otherwise, make the deal in person.

    Go to a store with the other person to make sure your claims that the phone is good (if you have made such a claim). . Then give him time at the same appointment to examine the phone in any way he wants. But keep in mind that throughout the review, you also need to know what is happening. Also try to make an appointment in a crowded place such as a cafe, mobile shop, a public and crowded place to know that nothing special will happen to you. Of course, the situation should be such that the customer does not feel bad.

    Be honest and available Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    You want to sell your phone so that you can make the most money from it. Keep in mind that the buyer is also making an investment in this. Now, if he does not have enough money to buy a better phone, he has decided to buy your phone second hand. So you should not betray him and the trust he has placed in you. So try to be completely honest and inform the buyer of even the smallest problem. Note that a person who lies about a small thing is also likely to lie about a larger thing; So do not try to instill such a feeling in the other person.

    The buyer also wants to know a lot about your phone. As a result, try to be available to answer her questions. Try to be friendly so that he can get a sense of security from you and be happy with the purchase. Because buying a second-hand product is a high risk, and really, if one does not have to, they will not do so in this situation. So try to give the other party a sense of confidence that the product is of high quality.

    Should we give a discount? Important points to know before selling a second hand phone

    This is entirely up to you. But it is recommended to always give a small discount to the buyer. 5 or 10% off is not enough to make a loss, so always try to be generous with this issue so that you can sell your phone more easily. Of course, when you know that someone agrees with your price, do not discuss the discount anymore and try to sell your product at the same price that you announced at the beginning.

    With these things in mind, You can easily sell a used phone. Note that in practice the situation may always be different from what is stated in this article. So consider these tips as a guide, not something you have to do in any situation.

    Source: Android Authority

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