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The images of the official protective cases of Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 have been revealed

BingMag.com The <b>images</b> of the <b>official</b> <b>protective</b> <b>cases</b> of <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Fold</b> 4 and Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>have</b> been revealed

There is less than a week left until the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event and the introduction of the new foldable phones Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. The whistleblowers have shared almost all the information and specifications of these phones. But recently, the images of the official protective frames of these foldable phones have been circulating on social networks, which we will examine further. /li>

Many users and analysts in the field of smartphones have high hopes for the new generation of Samsung folding phones. In general, in terms of appearance, these phones do not have significant changes compared to their previous generation, but in terms of software, improvements have been made in them, which will provide users with better performance than their previous generation.

These days, users use protective cases for their smartphones for various reasons. It should be noted that the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, due to their foldable nature, inherently make it much more difficult for smartphone accessory makers to build cases. Samsung, who knows this issue, has been the first to do it and has designed and produced a series of official Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 cases.

BingMag.com The <b>images</b> of the <b>official</b> <b>protective</b> <b>cases</b> of <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Fold</b> 4 and Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>have</b> been revealed

The images of these protective frames have been shared in an online store before the official unveiling of the new generation of Samsung folding phones, which completely match their appearance changes. First of all, we should mention the shiny and leather frame of Galaxy Z Flip 4, which is offered to users in three different colors. The protective case also protects the hinge of this foldable phone and the leather strap covers it completely when closed.

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Samsung has also provided the latest generation of strapped silicone cases for this phone, which passes through a ring on the top of the case and keeps the phone tight while in use. This frame is available in two colors: black with green strap and white with orange strap. Also, the price of silicone cases with straps starts from 36.16 euros and the price of leather straps for this phone starts from 72.84 euros.

In the case of Samsung's folding flagship, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, we should mention that Samsung has several cases. It has considered a very delicate protection for this smartphone. First of all, we must mention the stand frames of this folding phone that when your smartphone is completely open, you can use the phone in the best possible way using the stand of this frame. This very practical protective case will apparently be available to users in two colors, gold and black.

The Korean technology giant has also produced silicone cases with straps for this phone, which are available in two colors, black with a green strap and White with orange strap will be sold. Of course, it is worth noting that instead of a movable strap, these frames have a fixed strap with a stylish appearance that is stretched from the bottom to the top and allows the phone to be moved easily when the screens are fully opened.

BingMag.com The <b>images</b> of the <b>official</b> <b>protective</b> <b>cases</b> of <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Fold</b> 4 and Z <b>Flip</b> 4 <b>have</b> been revealed

Previously, Samsung also provided such a protective case for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but this is the first time that these protective cases are available for the Fold series. are offered The price of these frames will be around 43 euros. Finally, we should mention that the mentioned prices are only for a third-party online store, but it is possible that Samsung will provide these cases with a discount when releasing its foldable phones.

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