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The image of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra protective case shows the design of its camera module

BingMag.com The <b>image</b> of the <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Ultra</b> <b>protective</b> <b>case</b> <b>shows</b> the <b>design</b> of its <b>camera</b> module

It seems that the image of the protective case of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone has been published by a revelation in cyberspace, which is information about the design of the back cover of this phone, as well as Gives us the camera module.

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Recently, there has been a lot of news about Xiaomi's most powerful smartphone, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Cyberspace has been released, each of which gives us specific information about this new Xiaomi product. It seems that this flagship smartphone is nearing the day of its unveiling. Last week, images of the protective case attributed to this phone were revealed in cyberspace by a company that makes smartphone accessories. In this regard, another image of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra back cover has been published on Weibo social network today, which gives users good information about the final design of the camera module of this phone.

BingMag.com The <b>image</b> of the <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Ultra</b> <b>protective</b> <b>case</b> <b>shows</b> the <b>design</b> of its <b>camera</b> module

It should be noted that this published image is by no means fake, but there is no reaction from Xiaomi as to the accuracy of this design. So we can not say that this image shows the final design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra back cover, but there are some clues. For example, this image, like the previously published images, has 8 notches in the camera module. Some companies believe that the design shown is the one that Xiaomi will eventually launch as its most powerful flagship in 2022.

In addition, it is not expected that these 8 notches in the Xiaomi frame image are expected. 12 Ultra is related to its eight camera sensors. The latest reports suggest that the smartphone will be launched with a triple camera system. Regarding the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera, it should be said that we should expect the telephoto and ultra-wide camera to be installed next to the main camera. The main camera is said to use a dual anti-shake system that can greatly reduce user hand shake. There may also be one or two 3D sensors in this module to say more about focus and other related capabilities.

In this regard, it is said that this sensor is called Exmor IMX800 and Xiaomi 12 Ultra is the first phone based on it. Among the revealed specifications of this camera sensor, we can mention the 50 megapixel resolution and the size of 1.1.1 inches. This means that it is the largest camera sensor for smartphones. In addition to this 50-megapixel sensor, there are two 48-megapixel telephoto and ultra-wide sensors that users can take advantage of.

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Xiaomi also emphasizes on the smartphone's 3D ToF camera, which uses a small laser to illuminate the infrared light, and the light from the infrared rays of any object that Returns the camera in front of the sensor to the camera again. The rest of the cuts on the case will probably be for peripherals such as LED flash. Apparently, the camera system of this flagship smartphone also supports 120x digital zoom. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is said to feature a 73.6-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and 2K resolution. The phone will also support Samsung E5 sensor and dynamic LTPO 2.0 refresh rate.

BingMag.com The <b>image</b> of the <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Ultra</b> <b>protective</b> <b>case</b> <b>shows</b> the <b>design</b> of its <b>camera</b> module

The Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Plus processor, which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Snapdragon event in three days, will serve as the beating heart of this smartphone. The chip will be released as a more powerful version of the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. Other features of this phone include a 4900 mAh battery, which will most likely support a very fast 120 watt charger. It also looks like this charger will fit inside the box so that the user does not have to pay for the adapter separately. Android 12 OS is installed by default on this smartphone and this phone will also support IP68 waterproof certification.

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