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The image of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 shows less wrinkle on the screen

Samsung is without a doubt the largest manufacturer of clamshell smartphones worldwide. In 2021, the Korean technology company was able to conquer the market of these smart gadgets by offering Z-Flip and Z-Fold clamshell phones and offer quality products to its users. But of course, these products are not without flaws, and they also have drawbacks, such as the wrinkle of the screen. The Korean giant will use new hinges for its new generation of clamshell phones that are easier to work with than before. But in terms of screen crease, it seems that the company has not yet succeeded in completely eliminating the screen crease. In this regard, a new image released by a whistleblower suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a vertical crease along the hinge of the phone.

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The famous technology revealer "Ice Universe" recently shared an image on Twitter that compares the screen folds of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with the folds of the Samsung Z Fold 4. As you can see in this image, the wrinkle is still visible on the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (pictured right), but the good thing is that this wrinkle is not very prominent and has been reduced, unlike the wrinkle of the previous generation display.

BingMag.com The <b>image</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Fold</b> 4 <b>shows</b> <b>less</b> <b>wrinkle</b> on the screen

It was previously rumored that Samsung's upcoming clamshell display is 20% less wrinkled than the previous generation. But the released image shows that Samsung has performed much better and the folds of its new clamshell phone are less clear. Obviously, many users and analysts expected that we would no longer see screen creases on Samsung's new clamshells, but apparently that did not happen.

, But it is possible. For example, brands such as Oppo and Motorola have already found a way to bypass the screen folds on their clamshell phones. These Chinese companies have used a drip hinge that closes all the space between them and at the same time creates more interior space for the hinge, which reduces the crease of the screen and prevents gaps between the hinges of the phone. Of course, it should be noted that this crease is not very noticeable in everyday use of the phone.

The crease of the screen of Samsung phones can also be attributed to the design of the hinge of this company. Since these hinges have a very small radius, it is not easy to prevent the folding of the screen of these foldable phones. However, the Galaxy Fold 4 reportedly has a redesigned hinge that uses fewer mechanical components. The hinge is said to be similar to the Teardrop hinge from Oppo and Motorola. If this information is correct, we can expect Samsung's new generation of clamshell phones to have much less wrinkle (even less than the wrinkle seen in the Ice Universe image).

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This famous analyst has previously published some images attributed to the protective frame of this smartphone in cyberspace. According to these images, the ZFold 4 will have a wider aspect ratio than previous Galaxy ZFold models. The unusual aspect ratio of previous Samsung Fold phones has been one of the biggest concerns of users. With that in mind, the wider aspect ratio of the Galaxy Z4 Fold can still be effective, even if it doesn't look like a big change.

BingMag.com The <b>image</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> Z <b>Fold</b> 4 <b>shows</b> <b>less</b> <b>wrinkle</b> on the screen

There are also rumors that a wider aspect ratio will apply to both the exterior and interior displays of the smartphone. This will probably make the external display look more ordinary, meaning it will look more like what you see in a regular smartphone.

Some specifications of this smartphone have recently been revealed thanks to the GeekBench benchmark . Accordingly, Android 12 operating system will be installed on this smartphone by default, which will most likely run the OneUI 4 user interface. Also, the beating heart of this smartphone is the new Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Plus processor. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with 8GB of RAM.

Source: Gizmochina

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