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Ilan Musk plans to quadruple the number of Twitter users by 2028

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Musk</b> <b>plans</b> to <b>quadruple</b> the <b>number</b> of <b>Twitter</b> <b>users</b> by 2028

One of the biggest questions users were asked after Ilan Mask bought Twitter was how Twitter would change under Ilan Mask. It should be noted that this contract has not been finalized yet, and the richest person on earth has held several meetings with the company's officials in this regard. Mask apparently intends to make a significant increase in the number of Twitter users by making changes. The New York Times has published information on this subject, which we will examine below./ul>

To begin with, Ilan Musk announced in his meetings that he intends to increase the number of monthly Twitter users from 217 million now to 600 million by 2025 and 931 million by 2028. In other words, he wants to quadruple the number of users of this popular platform over the next six years. He also plans to increase the number of paid users of Twitter X service to 104 million. Details about Service X are not yet available, but he has always emphasized that Twitter is free for all users.

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Musk</b> <b>plans</b> to <b>quadruple</b> the <b>number</b> of <b>Twitter</b> <b>users</b> by 2028

Speaking of Twitter monetary services, it's worth mentioning that Mask has ambitious goals to increase the company's revenue. He is said to be planning to increase Twitter revenue to $ 26.4 billion by 2028, which is about five times the current revenue of the platform. Tesla CEO wants to create a variety of ways to earn money on Twitter, and accordingly, since advertising accounts for about 90% of Twitter revenue, he intends to reduce this figure to 45% by 2028. One of Mask's goals is for Twitter to make $ 10 billion through advertising and $ 12 billion through shared services.

Obviously, Twitter needs more shared users to achieve such ambitious goals. According to Mask calculations, by 2025 the number of blue Twitter users will reach 69 million and by 2028 this number will reach 159 million. The service currently charges $ 3 per month as a subscription fee from each user, providing additional features such as ad-free services and to its users. In addition to the X service and Blue Twitter, Ilan Musk has put a lot of emphasis on increasing the number of paid services users.

  • Ilan Musk intends to be the interim CEO of Twitter for a while
plans to make changes to Twitter's payment space. He is said to be aiming to increase Twitter's paid business revenue from $ 1.3 billion now to $ 15 billion by 2028. Currently, Twitter offers very limited buying and selling capabilities to its users, and it remains to be seen what changes will take place with the introduction of the mask in this section of Twitter.

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Musk</b> <b>plans</b> to <b>quadruple</b> the <b>number</b> of <b>Twitter</b> <b>users</b> by 2028

As a reminder, last week Twitter announced that it had accepted Mask's $ 44 billion offer to take over the company. In his opening remarks after the acquisition of Twitter, he mentioned that he intended to strengthen the platform with new features, open source algorithms, and crack down on spam bots. He has previously announced that he will pay $ 25.5 billion in loans and $ 21 billion in personal expenses to acquire Twitter. Musk said buying Twitter was not a way for him to make money. He believes that Twitter has never been a capitalist company and stressed that his intention to buy this social network is only to make beneficial changes for users.

  • Twitter is testing the Circle feature; Ability to share tweets with a specific group

Source: Engadget

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