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Ilan Mask's strange reaction to the Twitter CEO made headlines

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask's</b> <b>strange</b> <b>reaction</b> to the <b>Twitter</b> <b>CEO</b> <b>made</b> headlines

Twitter CEO responded to Ilan Mask's concerns about the number of fake users and bots. A few days ago, Ilan Musk claimed that the number of unrealistic users of this social network is much higher than the estimates of Twitter executives. But now Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has tweeted that all the surveys show that the number of unrealistic users of the social network is less than 5 percent.

As you probably know, Mr. Musk said that Due to concerns about this issue, it has temporarily suspended the process of buying Twitter. Ilan Musk says more careful research is needed. Following these remarks, the stock price of Twitter has dropped significantly.

In another tweet, Mr. Agrawal wrote that last week he shared with Mr. Mask all the processes used to identify fake users. Shared. He added that such an estimate could not be made by a foreign company because important and private information is involved in the process. As you can see below, Ilan Mask reacted to these remarks with an emoji.

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask's</b> <b>strange</b> <b>reaction</b> to the <b>Twitter</b> <b>CEO</b> <b>made</b> headlines

Parag Agrawal believes that many Twitter accounts controlled by real people may seem fake at first glance. This is why identifying unreal accounts and bots is so difficult. "So how do advertisers know what they're getting paid for?" "This is essential to the financial health of Twitter." According to reports, Mr. Musk intends to reduce the company's reliance on advertising and instead make a substantial income by selling subscriptions.

There has been a lot of speculation about the margins generated. Some say Ilan Musk wants to lower the price of Twitter, while others believe that Ilan Musk regrets taking over Twitter. Of course, under the current contract, Mr. Musk will have to pay a $ 1 billion fine if he does not take over Twitter.

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Source: the Verge

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