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Ilan Mask: Starlink satellite internet will be out of trial next month

BingMag.com Ilan Mask: Starlink satellite internet will be out of trial next month

Ilan Musk, CEO of SpaceX, announced that Starlink broadband satellite Internet service will be phased out in October. He said this in response to a Twitter user who asked him about when the beta expired.

SpaceX began sending out email invitations to the public beta in October 2020. . This service is still far from ideal because trees can disrupt communications with satellites and satellite dishes can be extinguished in hot areas.

But for people who live in areas without cable internet, Internet service providers Starlink is still a promising alternative, and with the launch of more satellites by SpaceX and software upgrades, its services will be even better. It serves 1700 satellites. The company is currently taking steps for post-beta services, announcing in May that "more than half a million people have ordered or pre-purchased Starlink services."

Possibility to pre-order and offer There are $ 99 deposits on the Starlink website, but the site emphasizes that depending on the location, some orders may take 6 months or more to complete. Deposits, however, are fully refundable.

Starting with the first 500,000 people

There are capacity limits that follow physical rules, and SpaceX does not guarantee that anyone who pre-orders the service Really have access to Starlink Internet. Musk had said in the month that the first 500,000 people were likely to receive Starlink satellite internet services, but when it reached a range of millions of users, SpaceX would face even more challenges.

According to Musk Capacity constraints will primarily be a problem in densely populated urban areas, so people living in rural areas will have a good chance of receiving services.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask: Starlink satellite internet will be out of trial next month

Starlink Order Site
Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX has a US license to deploy 1 million user terminals in It is all over the country and is trying to increase this license to 5 million terminals. According to PCMag, Starlink has pre-ordered up to 600,000 toasts, and SpaceX has reportedly increased its production of dishes to meet demand. It charges $ 99 for user terminal, installation tripod, and router, plus $ 99 per month for service. The company has not yet announced a price change, but there may be a change in price when the Starlink network goes into beta.

Gwynne Shotwell, CEO and CEO in April SpaceX said Starlink is likely to avoid stepping pricing and try to keep prices as simple and transparent as possible. According to him, SpaceX will keep Starlink in beta until the network becomes reliable and excellent enough. Network optimized by user terminals will also be available on airplanes, ships, large trucks and caravans.

Source: ArsTechnica

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