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Ilan Mask registered three holding companies to buy Twitter

According to Business Insider, documents in the US Securities and Exchange Commission show that Ilan Musk continued his efforts to buy Twitter, holding three holding companies. Has registered.

As you probably know, Ilan Mask wants to buy Twitter outright. In line with this decision, Tesla's CEO has taken steps, the most important of which is to buy a 9.2% stake in Twitter.

Ilan Musk has also recently listed three holding companies on the stock exchange commission. And registered US securities called holding I, holding II and holding III, respectively. Their descriptions also state that these companies were established to buy or merge Twitter directly or indirectly. The name of the program, according to available documents, is "Project X". Slow parent company. He also expressed interest in starting a parent company called "X" in 2020, but later admitted that it would be very difficult to do so due to differences in the use of companies.

Data pays $ 54.20 per share of Twitter, and buys Twitter outright for a total of about $ 43 billion. He even claimed last Thursday that he had set aside $ 46.5 billion to buy Twitter. But Twitter's board has so far opposed the proposal, and has even decided to legislate to make it much harder for Mask to buy Twitter.

three holding companies will be published by Ilan Mask on increasing the possibility of buying Twitter.

Source: Business Insider

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