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Ilan Mask plans to be the interim CEO of Twitter for a while

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask</b> <b>plans</b> to be the <b>interim</b> <b>CEO</b> of <b>Twitter</b> for a while

According to CNBC, Ilan Musk intends to serve as the company's interim CEO for a few months after the Twitter purchase process is finalized. It was announced some time ago that Mr. Musk had told the banks that he was considering a new CEO for the company, but did not specify a name. It is said that the current CEO of Twitter will be fired after the company was privatized.

According to published reports, the process of finalizing the acquisition of Twitter will take about 6 months. New documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission show that Ilan Musk has managed to receive $ 7 billion from 19 people, including one of the princes of Saudi Arabia and the founder of Bainance Exchange. According to Bloomberg, this receipt of money reduces the risk of this purchase for Ilan Mask and lending banks.

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask</b> <b>plans</b> to be the <b>interim</b> <b>CEO</b> of <b>Twitter</b> for a while

Mask is focusing on his plans for managing Twitter these days. For example, it recently announced that it intends to charge government and business accounts to use Twitter. No specific details have been released, but Mr Musk has emphasized that Twitter remains free for ordinary users. Twitter now offers a service called Twitter Blue that you have to pay $ 3 a month to use. By using this service, users will have access to more features.

Meanwhile, some sources have stated that Ilan Musk intends to reduce the subscription to this service to $ 2 per month, and on the other hand, possibly possibilities. More will be provided to users. Ilan Musk borrows about $ 25 billion from various banks and pays the remaining $ 20 billion in person to take over Twitter. Of course, as we said, it has received about $ 7 billion from 19 investors. Increase. Although he has announced that he is considering new revenue models, it is unclear whether these methods will be successful. Ilan Musk has also promised to release content control policies as far as legal frameworks allow.

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask</b> <b>plans</b> to be the <b>interim</b> <b>CEO</b> of <b>Twitter</b> for a while

The richest person in the world has repeatedly stated that he is in favor of absolute freedom of expression and therefore wants to eliminate the control of users' content to a large extent. However, Twitter is one of the main sources for publishing fake news, and that is why Twitter executives have tried to prevent the publication of this content by using various methods. But since Ilan Musk is likely to lay off a large portion of staff content monitoring staff, we need to see what Twitter will become like next.

9% of Twitter shares were announced, tweeting that ads should be removed from Twitter. Of course, he deleted this tweet a few hours later. Although Mr. Musk has repeatedly spoken out against advertising on Twitter, the fact remains that advertising is still the most important source of revenue for many social networks.

Overall, though, Twitter is relatively It has far fewer active users than Facebook and Instagram, but it is still one of the most important social networks, and that is why many politicians from different countries are active in this environment. All in all, Ilan Musk is not a small change, and we need to see how big Twitter changes after the transfer is finalized.

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Source: CNET

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