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Ilan Mask's fortune has shrunk by $ 30 billion this week

Tesla shares have fallen 15 percent in the past few days, with the world's richest man losing $ 31.4 billion. Is. China has once again imposed severe restrictions on businesses and factories due to the corona flare-up, which is why the Tesla plant in Shanghai has faced many challenges.

He pointed to Chinese officials, but also said that due to quarantine in China, the delivery of some orders for Tesla cars may face restrictions in the short term. It should be noted that Tesla investors have long expressed concern about the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Musk. Banks receive and about $ 7.1 billion is provided by investors. Part of that amount will be provided in person.

According to the New York Times, he plans to quadruple the number of Twitter users by 2028 and increase the company's revenue fivefold. On the other hand, he wants to halve the company's reliance on its main source of revenue, advertising. Apparently, he will initially be the CEO of Twitter, and after a few months, he will hand over the management of the company to the person he wants.

  • Ilan Musk's plans for Twitter: from freedom of speech to the destruction of bots./li>

Source: Forbes

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