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Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head

From small and large factories and the purchase of acres of land to the establishment of power plants and space centers, Ilan Musk is building a vast empire in Texas that Silicon Valley's rule marginalizes California in the tech world.

Since Ilan Musk, as the world's richest man, drew his sword against California's so-called fascist policies, a large portion of his factories and facilities have been destroyed. Has been relocated to Texas.

Tesla's new super-factory, Giga Texas, is nearing completion on a 750,000-square-foot site. 560 km beyond and where the Rio Grande River flows into the Gulf of Mexico, SpaceX is building the largest space project in history, the Starship spacecraft, to take humans to Mars and the moon.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head

Absolutely Tesla factory in Texas

SpaceX and arm His real estate has so far bought more than 250 properties in the surrounding area, ranging from vacant lots and shooting range to retirement homes and villas of northerners coming to the south for sunbathing. Some high-ranking employees, including Mask himself, have lived in these homes.

This is just the beginning of Ilan Mask's empire in Texas, and they will soon be joined by Tesla's new headquarters in Austin. To understand the importance of moving Tesla to Texas, you know that the company is one of the few companies with a value of over one trillion dollars in the world, and the value of several top automakers in the world, including Benz, BeamWD, General Motors, Toyota and Hyundai, is not enough.>

But what is behind Mask's decision to move from Silicon Valley to the South? Silicon Valley may be the epicenter of bold startup culture and investing, but Texas has business-loving lawmakers, thousands of acres of vacant land, and vital resources for production, all of which are vital arteries for Tesla and SpaceX. Unlike in California, there is no state income tax or capital gains tax. The richest man in the world, whose fortune has reached 300 billion dollars, has moved to the south for this reason.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head

The happy face of" Greg Abbott "the governor of Texas with Ilan Musk during the conversation about the Texas Giga factory

Ilan Musk, another institution under his supervision with It has also taken the title of "Mask Foundation" to the state. Glenn Hammer, CEO of the Texas Business Association, which did business in the state just nine months ago, cites Texas as the center of the free market. He believes there is no trade ceiling in Texas and no one is resisting masked ideas such as launching a spacecraft to Mars.

Glenn Hammer is not far-fetched. Mask is the kind of centrifugal, bizarre newcomer that Texas has always embraced. However, not everyone has welcomed him with open arms and has been criticized by some Indigenous people and environmental activists.

Mask's interest in Texas dates back to two decades ago. He bought large tracts of land in McGregor, 160 miles (160 km) southwest of Dallas, in 2003 because he needed ample space to test the space rocket engine. 9 passes, the route to Mars passes through McGregor. All rocket engines and engines, including the new Raptor engines, are tested with methane fuel at the same center. About 600 personnel have been deployed at the 4,300-hectare McMurger Center, and with the launch of the new production unit, another 400 will be added.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head SpaceX Engine and Propulsion Testing Center in McGregor, Texas

Mask-Driven Companies to Old Texas Industries They will forgive and bring new industries to this state. NASA's Johnson Space Center, for example, was established in Texas six decades ago, and the automotive sector will transform the state into Detroit (the state that was once the heart of American automobile production) in the South.

He has accompanied himself with a lot of gossip. On Twitter, he announced his decision to establish a new city called "Starbis" or a star base that will cover the region of Boccaccia and surrounding areas. It wasn't long after the tweet that billboards with the name were erected at SpaceX venues. Have a bolder color. Musk has even entered the field of education with the opening of the private school Ad Astra, and has joked about the establishment of a huge university in the field of science and technology to compete with MIT, which is unlikely to happen if the Texans are welcomed.

All of the world's richest men, including Boring Underground Tunneling Company and Noorlink Brain and Machine Interface Institute, have advertised for employment in Texas. Tesla's new plant, which is set to make exotic Y-cars and exotic cyber trucks, has also announced the hiring of 10,000 specialists. They have become so much that the nose of the Falcon rocket is displayed at local airports to greet travelers and tourists. As you can see in the image below, Ilan Mask has become a champion for some local businesses.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head

But founding any new empire requires energy, and Mask has excelled in this area. The production of cars and vans requires a lot of natural gas and electricity, and rocket launches require continuous access to fuel. To that end, Tesla has launched a division to produce solar energy and sell massive batteries, and SpaceX is entering the natural gas field.

One of Tesla's subsidiaries, Gambit Energy Storage, has launched a massive storage project It built 100 megawatts of energy in Engelton, Texas, which is 65 kilometers from Houston. These massive batteries are necessary to store the electricity generated by solar panels and wind turbines, but they also provide a good revenue opportunity. The purpose of designing these batteries is to save energy when the price and demand are minimal and the sale of stored energy also takes place at the peak of demand and price.

BingMag.com Ilan Mask Empire in Texas; A sharpened sword on a silicone head p id =" caption-attachment-1000069 "class =" wp-caption-text "> 100 MW energy storage project of one of Tesla's subsidiaries called Gambit Energy Storage

Natural liquefied natural gas Or LNG is also very important for the mask because it is a cost-effective fuel for space rockets. SpaceX has not yet made its plans public, but documents from the Federal Aviation Administration indicate that the company intends to build a power plant, a gas refinery and a giant LNG storage tanker in Bucharest. SpaceX has even registered a drilling company called Lone Star to drill wells and extract gas.

As we have said, Mask's efforts to build an empire in Texas have not gone unnoticed. The city of Austin is already facing the phenomenon of aristocracy and rising property prices, and the transfer and employment of thousands of employees at Tesla's new plant will push up property prices. SpaceX launches have also upset some neighbors, property taxes are rising, and public beaches are being closed for space launches. Fragile local ecosystems have been warned. For example, some biologists in the area believe that launching a rocket deafens local birds, especially a rare finch, and increases their chances of being hunted.

In this regard, a coalition of 11 environmental groups signed a letter from the organization. The U.S. Air Force has called for a closer look at SpaceX development plans in the region. They warn that the company's launch site is adjacent to a unique ecological area that includes wildlife sanctuaries, coastal bird ponds and sea turtle nesting sites. And revenue-generating, which is unlikely to be particularly hampered by state agencies. On the other hand, according to some experts, this is the cornerstone of the empire. Ray Primon, a leading economist, says Mask's impact goes far beyond the companies he oversees because of the massive production processes he has launched that draw more and more suppliers to the region. He expects the projects to create 50,000 jobs and generate $ 3.6 billion a year in GDP. And they have set up their business in this state. Samsung has a huge project to build an advanced billion-dollar chip factory, and Apple, Facebook and Google have expanded their businesses in Texas. For the state in the field of technology, it announces that its flagship is none other than Ilan Mask; A future in which Texas, as the seat of the Mask Empire, could seize the throne of technology from Silicon Valley.

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