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Ilan Mask called on Putin to fight alone; The Chechen leader reacted

BingMag.com <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask</b> <b>called</b> on <b>Putin</b> to <b>fight</b> <b>alone;</b> The <b>Chechen</b> <b>leader</b> reacted

Ilan Musk has called on Vladimir Putin to step in instead of sending troops to fight across borders. "I hereby invite Vladimir Putin to a hand-to-hand fight," he wrote in a tweet. "Do you accept this struggle?" He added to Russia.

The Chechen leader, a key ally of Putin, has sent a lengthy telegram in response to the request. "The Russian president can defeat Ilan Mask in battle," the statement said. "I do not advise you to compete with Putin." "Ilan Musk is just a businessman and a blogger, but Putin is a global politician and strategist, and God's wrath on the West and the United States. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has advised Ilan Musk to go to a Chechen special forces and his boxing club should be trained.

Ilana Musk wrote in response to the Chechen leader that if Putin was afraid to fight him, he was willing to use only his left hand to fight. He also told Putin that he could bring his own bear alone for this battle. Which companies have sanctioned Russia?

Source: Fortune

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