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IGTV is giving way to Instagram TV on Instagram

BingMag.com IGTV is giving way to Instagram TV on Instagram

It looks like Instagram will soon be removing the IGTV feature altogether, but will replace it with another feature called Instagram TV.


Instagram finally realized that IGTV was not a successful attempt to improve the status of this popular social network and failed to meet expectations. As a result, he intends to retire it shortly after his presence.

Of course, this does not mean that we will not see such a thing again, and Instagram will soon return to the pre-IGTV era. . Apparently, Instagram wants to launch IGTV under another name called Instagram TV. But the difference is that it is no longer the old, exclusive IGTV format.

Videos that are now shared on the main Instagram feed can be up to 60 minutes long, while previously uploading videos with this time was only possible. They had IGTV format. So you no longer need to log out of Instagram to watch long videos, and you can watch them in the same main feed.

An Instagram spokesperson said about the IGTV app, which was actually integrated with Instagram. Instagram TV has now become a destination where users can literally watch video.

BingMag.com IGTV is giving way to Instagram TV on Instagram

IGTV was officially introduced in 2018 and was supposed to help Instagram compete with YouTube in some way. It provided a space where users could watch long videos. But this feature has never been as successful and popular as it should be. Especially two months later, an app called TickTock was unveiled and was able to create a stir in the United States. He added that he could only compete with TickTock. Rails can also be mentioned as one of these features, which was unveiled in 2020, and Instagram paid a high price for it, so much so that this feature has now become an integral part of the work of content producers and sellers.

However, it seems It turns out that Instagram still has to work harder to become social networks like TickTock and YouTube, and while it has a lot of fans from all over the world, it could jeopardize its position at any moment and lag far behind its competitors.

Source: The Verge

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