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If the Galaxy S22 did not have this defect, it could be the most flawless flagship of the year

BingMag.com If the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>did</b> not <b>have</b> this <b>defect,</b> it <b>could</b> be the <b>most</b> <b>flawless</b> <b>flagship</b> of the year

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series earlier this year. Very powerful flagships, equipped and full of features and capabilities of hardware and software that made them sell well. But in various reviews, we saw a major weakness in the quality of the Galaxy S22 series speaker, which, if it did not exist, might have been named the best flagship of 2022.

Note that this article may Include the author's personal comments. So, depending on the tastes of the users, not everyone can agree with it.

The Galaxy S22 series launched in February this year in three models: Standard, Plus and Ultra. Unlike last year and like two years ago, Samsung decided to make this phone from aluminum instead of plastic in the standard model, but there was no curved display. In this way, like last year, all the good features remain for the Ultra model and the difference between the Plus model and the standard can be summed up only in the same size.

But with all this, Samsung has tried the Galaxy S22 and S22 Equip Plus with the best possible features as products that open a special account on their sales due to their reasonable price. For example, the Galaxy S22 Plus now has a 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate. The margins around it are minimized and in terms of appearance it is extremely beautiful and eye-catching to be one of the best flagships in this regard in addition to the unique quality it offers. Of course, we mean the same as the flagships that are ubiquitous.

The same is true of the Galaxy S22, except that the Korean company has designed the display to be about 0.5 inches smaller so that Users who are still interested in using small phones can have the option to buy. Years of brilliant experience and numerous trials and errors have led Samsung to now produce products that even the best of Apple's flagships look like old phones compared to.

But all that aside, when it comes to For your flagship phone, such as the Galaxy S22 Plus, you are watching a movie or TV series and tapping the play option. At the moment, the first thing that catches your eye is the extremely high quality, bright and fresh display, but this enjoyable experience you get from the display is significantly affected by the not-so-good Galaxy S22 speaker.

Make no mistake! We are not saying that the speakers built into this phone are bad. Incidentally, their quality is good, but when we compared them with the best phones available, we realized that they were not what we thought they were at all, and Samsung is really behind its competitors in this regard. The quality of today's movies is great in terms of sound effects, and to enjoy them, the product we have must have great performance, even in the flagship category.

This will be more noticeable to you when have you migrated an iPhone to Samsung? Regardless of the fact that Samsung has several advantages over Apple in the field of smartphone production, and vice versa, in this part, the performance of the iPhone is excellent. We do not want to go into the details of the competition between the two companies because the point is something else, but we just have to point out that the iPhone speakers are of exceptional quality and make you drown in the mood of the movie.

But why iPhone? It has such a good speaker, but on the other hand, has Samsung focused more on the screen in making the Galaxy S22? The question is, why can't we have both in one flag? Apple's situation is clear because the company tries to offer attractive features later because it has a customer for everything it does, but why does not Samsung, which shows its best performance every year, equip its flagship with better quality speakers? Why after all these years, the performance of the Korean company's flagships in terms of speakers is still not acceptable compared to other flagships?

Speaker quality is very important among users, but why did Samsung decide to pair it with a quality display? BingMag.com If the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>did</b> not <b>have</b> this <b>defect,</b> it <b>could</b> be the <b>most</b> <b>flawless</b> <b>flagship</b> of the year BingMag.com If the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>did</b> not <b>have</b> this <b>defect,</b> it <b>could</b> be the <b>most</b> <b>flawless</b> <b>flagship</b> of the year

last year PhoneArena, Asus Ragphone 5 was able to get the highest score in terms of speaker quality. After that, Google Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were in the second and third place, respectively. The Galaxy S21 was even on the list of the best in the review, which was not on the overall list. Exactly the same thing was proved by the surveys conducted by the Dxomark website. PhoneArena website conducted a separate test on the Galaxy S21 and concluded that compared to the best available, the speaker performance of this phone is not really good.

After that comparison, we expected the series The Galaxy S22 could have performed better, at least in this area, but it did not. It seems that Samsung did not make much effort to make progress in this area and is still behind the iPhones. As mentioned, many users may find the sound of this phone unique. It was mentioned above that the quality of the Galaxy S22 series speaker is good in isolated conditions, but when you compare it with competitors such as the iPhone, you will notice the difference.

About 80% of the users who took part in the survey on the source website answered yes to this question. Now the main question that arises is; How has Samsung been able to keep users satisfied after all these years, despite its poor performance over competitors in embedding high-quality, powerful speakers? In 2022, when the company's flagships are really performing well and a certain weakness can not be introduced to them?

It is reasonable to think that Samsung does not pay much attention to this part. Just want to bring the quality to an acceptable level and then put all your attention and investment on other sectors. If you're a fan of dual fires from Samsung and its products, you may not realize it much because you will see little progress compared to previous generations, but when you compare it to the good flagships on the market, you will see that it has a big weakness. You may say to yourself, "This is what we expect from a speakerphone, and the speaker should be of that quality," but that is not the case, and for the money you pay to buy a flagship phone, you deserve more quality.

Whether we like it or not, Apple's performance in this area is better

BingMag.com If the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>did</b> not <b>have</b> this <b>defect,</b> it <b>could</b> be the <b>most</b> <b>flawless</b> <b>flagship</b> of the year BingMag.com If the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>did</b> not <b>have</b> this <b>defect,</b> it <b>could</b> be the <b>most</b> <b>flawless</b> <b>flagship</b> of the year

Apple, as Samsung's biggest competitor in various fields, including smartphones, has an outstanding performance in terms of speaker quality. It is interesting to know that in the surveys conducted by both the source website and the Dxomark website, even the iPhone 12 Mini was able to outperform the Galaxy S22 Plus in terms of sound quality and volume with its not-so-good speaker. However, the iPhone 12 Mini is not only not the latest Apple flagship, but also one of the weakest in terms of sales because of its small size. I made an interesting point; Small size! Imagine this phone, which is the size of a palm, can have a higher quality than the Galaxy S22 Plus, which is a relatively large phone and should have used more powerful speakers.

Now some people Dissatisfied with the sound of their iPhone, it is enough to put one of Samsung's new flagships next to it just for comparison, to be forever grateful for the quality of their product. IPhones usually produce medium and bass sound well, so the output quality is always excellent. On the other hand, the Galaxy S22 produces most of the loud sound well, so the quality is not very good. Of course, in terms of transparency, the performance of the galaxies is good, but when you watch movies and series with different sound effects, you realize that there is room for improvement.

The Galaxy S22 series has great capabilities, but I wish I had a better speaker. The Galaxy S22 series, as Samsung's latest flagships, has unparalleled performance in a variety of fields. From their sleek and modern looks to the great quality of the cameras, the good battery performance, the high speed of the charger, the optimal build quality, the 4-year software support with the highest quality and highest speed, the exceptional display and many other things that are beyond the text. So it seems that these phones can not be criticized too much.

However, when we see that the company has tried so hard to put everything together in the best possible way in one package but in one section Miserliness costs us a little surprise. A phone in the flagship category should have very good quality in areas such as what actually form the basis of a product. Now you can deal with weaknesses such as the quality of the camera is not exceptional or its screen does not have QHD + resolution. Shape may cover: tactile, visual and auditory. Touch For a product to have a very good build quality that as soon as it is taken, not only ergonomics but also the quality of the metals used in its design conveys a unique feeling to the user, a view that a phone display should be of such quality that The user will not feel tired after working with it for a long time, and when he wants to watch a movie, he will enjoy watching it, and an audio for when he can experience all the audio content with the highest quality on his phone.

Another year has passed and again Samsung has decided not to pay much attention to the speakers used in its phones. It seems that the time has come to ask this company to think about this situation in its next phone, because it is not very right to pay more than $ 1,000 for a phone, then its performance in terms of sound quality is poorer than the iPhone, which is due to Lack of demand is close to stopping production!

Source: PhoneArena

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