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The icons of some third-party apps are not displayed on the Apple Watch 7 Series

BingMag.com The icons of some third-party apps are not displayed on the Apple Watch 7 Series

After the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 7, the first group of buyers of Apple's new generation of smartwatches finally received it. But according to some users, third-party apps on the Apple Watch 7 Series are not shown with their icons and are invisible on the screen.

This problem was first seen by a developer of products related to the Apple ecosystem. He announced that the new version of Xcode displays the icons well but does not appear on the watch. Some people think that this is due to the size and resolution of the new screen, because the icons look quite good even when running the watchOS 8 operating system and in the previous generation of Apple smartwatches.

BingMag.com The icons of some third-party apps are not displayed on the Apple Watch 7 Series

One of the suggested solutions to this problem is to change the list view. Although the icons of these apps do not appear on the Apple Watch yet, at least you know which apps do not have their icons displayed. PCalc developer James Thompson has investigated the cause of the problem. According to him, this problem is closely related to the mechanism of the App Store, which is used to transfer applications to the Apple Watch 7 Series. In addition, Thomson could not replicate this problem in the watchOS emulator.

He tweeted: "I guess because of all this in the watchOS emulator for the 7 Series without any problems "It works. Apple App Store mechanisms mistakenly delete images when downloading apps." It is worth noting that this problem only appears in Apple Watch Series 7, and in older models of this watch there is no problem in not showing the application icon. We'll have to wait and see how Apple responds to this problem.

Not bad to know that Apple unveiled its new series of smartwatches on September 23rd. The changes that Apple has made to the Apple Watch are more in line with the design language of the iPhone and iPad. That is, it has become a little flatter and at the same time more beautiful. Just like the previous generation, the Apple Watch 7 Series is available in two models, but this time in 41 and 45 mm sizes. The previous generation, on the other hand, had sizes of 40 and 44 mm, respectively. So users will now have more space to work with new watches. The biggest change that Apple has made in this new watch is due to the case itself. What we no longer see is the curved design we've seen since the first Apple Watch. Should not change what users want. Inspired by the new iPhones and iPads, as well as the iPhone 4, the Apple Watch 7 Series now has a new design language that is quite noticeable. As mentioned above, Apple's new smartwatch is now slightly flatter, but it can still be curved so as not to irritate the skin of users' hands.

BingMag.com The icons of some third-party apps are not displayed on the Apple Watch 7 Series

Thanks to this new design, Apple has been able to use the resulting free space and install a larger display on the case. The new display is now 1.8 inches and 70% brighter, and it will definitely be more enjoyable and comfortable to work with, as the margins have now been reduced to 1.7 mm. This way, you can check the clock by looking at it from the angle without necessarily turning it. The Apple Watch 7 Series is also the best smartwatch ever made in terms of durability. Its display is now resistant to cracking and breakage and uses the IP6X dustproof standard. It is also resistant to water penetration up to 50 meters.

In terms of battery, the Apple Watch 7 Series has significantly improved. Thanks to Apple's new technology, its charging speed is 33% faster than the previous generation. According to Apple, this smartwatch can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 45 minutes, and it can be counted up to 8 hours of continuous sleep monitoring in 8 minutes. In terms of software capabilities, the Apple Watch 7 Series is better than the previous generation, but not as much as we expected. This product still uses ECG, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen saturation sensor, hand wash detection sensor and very useful reminders.

A bunch of buyers of Apple's new generation of smartwatches have received it, and it is expected that Apple 7 Series watches will soon be available worldwide to enthusiasts and users of this type of wearable gadget.

Source: GSMArena

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