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Hyundai unveiled the AV pod modular car concept

Hyundai unveiled futuristic concept designs based on modular robotic technology at CES 2022. They will operate at all levels of transportation.

Hyundai's vision for the future of transportation is a modular world. At CES 2022, the Korean automotive and robotics company introduced a series of concept transport vehicles and transportation robots based on the ideas of Plug and Drive and Drive and Lift.

Hyundai can usually be expected to bring the strangest and most exciting types of transportation to CES every year. In 2019, this concept idea was "Elevate". At CES 2020, it unveiled the "S-A1 Urban Air Mobility" concept and once again showed Hyundai's new vision for the future.

BingMag.com <b>Hyundai</b> <b>unveiled</b> the AV <b>pod</b> <b>modular</b> <b>car</b> concept

Hyundai Plug and Drive module that rotates 360 degrees, suspension, electric motor and brakes in one Compact package integrated.

This year, most of Hyundai's new transportation concept designs have been built around the Plug and Drive or PnD module. An electric capsule that combines 360-degree motion, electric motors, brakes, a 14-centimeter wheel with airless tires, lid sensors and a camera into a modular package. A set that can be used for a wide range of vehicles and freight robots.

For example, placing four of these capsules in a common storage base creates a PnD logistics vehicle that can be delivered. Load used. Hyundai even offers a prototype that could deploy a Boston Dynamics Spot dog robot to carry packages in the final stages of distribution or to places PnD Logistics could not reach, such as building stairs.

BingMag.com <b>Hyundai</b> <b>unveiled</b> the AV <b>pod</b> <b>modular</b> <b>car</b> concept

One of the most interesting potential uses for Hyundai PnD modules is the PnD Personal Cabin, which includes a single, transparent cab for people to move around. With low mobility around. Developed on the basis of automated PnD modules, this transparent intermediate should also be capable of operating cars, but also uses joystick for manual control.

Hyundai hopes that these motion capsules will fit into the building elevator Connect, walk alongside pedestrians in the city, and land on larger mother shuttles that allow multiple capsules to be moved as a group. It's kind of like a bus, but smaller, with the exception that passengers each have their own capsule.

BingMag.com <b>Hyundai</b> <b>unveiled</b> the AV <b>pod</b> <b>modular</b> <b>car</b> concept

PnD Personal Hyundai connected to a mother shuttle

It seems that each mother shuttle concept holds eight capsules and automatically drives over longer distances And moves at higher speeds than each individual capsule. The shuttle is based on four PnD modules that are larger and more powerful than the modules on individual motion capsules, but still have the ability to move 360 degrees in any direction, which increases maneuverability.

Another potential application of modules The larger PnD is targeted mobile spaces such as the Hospital Mobility concept; A hospital or treatment center that can be located in large emergency locations such as near an earthquake or fire site.

For very large emergency needs, several Hospital Mobility can be connected to form a larger hospital unit and physicians Be able to deploy to serve more patients. Other applications of these modular units include a group of PnD food trucks that can operate during a festival.

BingMag.com <b>Hyundai</b> <b>unveiled</b> the AV <b>pod</b> <b>modular</b> <b>car</b> concept

Hyundai L7 concept

PnD modules also form the backbone of the L7 concept design, another microstable electric platform from The company that will be scalable. The L7 is larger than the PnD modules and uses 30 cm modules in each corner of a Lego-like platform. The system can be configured to accommodate a single seat that can be rotated for easy access, or converted into a skateboard design that can carry packages or equipment.

In addition to the ecosystem PnD, Hyundai also showed off the Drive and Lift modular propulsion system. The DnL system, like the PnD, integrates the driving, steering and braking systems into one unit, but the package places it at the end of a rotating arm that allows each wheel to move independently. This allows activities such as bending around to stabilize the load in steep turns or on completely uneven surfaces on handrails and even climbing stairs.

BingMag.com <b>Hyundai</b> <b>unveiled</b> the AV <b>pod</b> <b>modular</b> <b>car</b> concept

MobED Hyundai Remote Assistance Robot

Hyundai seeks manned and unmanned applications for DnL Is. The first example is called MobED; A 60 cm wide, 70 cm long guide robot based on a 2 kWh battery with a tablet-like display on its hinged arm can act as a tour guide or remote presence robot.

Photos: Hyundai modular Transport Technology concept br>> Credit: Hyundai

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