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Human space debris has created a strange crater on the moon

A huge space debris from the wreckage of a rocket that crashed into the moon a few months ago has created a strange new crater on the surface of the moon.

It was March 4 when a rocket struck the moon near the mouth of the Hertzsprung, and new studies now show that a new geographical feature was created by the impact of the stray rocket's body on the surface of the only natural moon on Earth. Has been. A twin crater that is approximately 28 meters wide at its longest point.

The collision occurred around the moon and out of sight of ground-based telescopes and even space telescopes at the time of the collision. But several weeks later, NASA commissioned a lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO) to take pictures of the crash site, and now the mission has finally come to fruition with new images of the moon.

The agency said in a statement: " Surprisingly, this crater actually consists of two openings. An eastern opening with a diameter of 18 meters, which is located on a western opening with a diameter of 16 meters. "

BingMag.com <b>Human</b> <b>space</b> <b>debris</b> has <b>created</b> a <b>strange</b> <b>crater</b> on the moon

Close-up of a new impact crater created by space debris falling to the moon
Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

Bill Gray Veteran amateur astronomer Bill Gray had predicted the collision before it happened, although he initially mistakenly blamed SpaceX rocket space debris, but later corrected what he said, including evidence from a team of university researchers. Arizona presented that the space debris was in fact the booster of a Chinese rocket belonging to the Chang'e 5-T1 mission in 2014.

The Chinese government has said that Gary and others are wrong. But Gary continues to believe that China has misrepresented the missions he's denied.

Changhai 5-T missile booster identified Has been. "Since the origin of the rocket fuselage is unclear, the dual nature of the orbit may indicate its identity." Refused. According to the space agency, the formation of this double orifice is strange, and none of the impact craters of the old Apollo rockets have left such a mark.

BingMag.com <b>Human</b> <b>space</b> <b>debris</b> has <b>created</b> a <b>strange</b> <b>crater</b> on the moon

Collisions of the Apollo Missions
NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

Creating an unexpected dual crane It could indicate that the body of the missile had large masses at each end. This would be strange because most of the rockets consisted of an engine at the bottom and a fuel tank at the top, which in this case was probably empty at the time of the collision.

NASA continues to emphasize that this object It does not belong to the agency's missions and cites research from the University of Arizona as evidence of its possible origins. p>

Source: CNet

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