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A huge magnetic tunnel was discovered around the solar system

Scientists have discovered that the entire solar system is surrounded by a massive magnetic tunnel, based on a new discovery made possible by the bold modeling of researchers at the University of Toronto.

According to the University of Toronto, researchers have developed a model that reveals an unknown cosmic feature that reflects the solar system in a tunnel-like magnetic structure. This model actually focuses on two main structures in the sky: the "North Polar Spur" and the "Fan Region", which are the structures seen in the radio map of the galaxy.

BingMag.com A huge magnetic tunnel was discovered around the solar system

The radio map of the Milky Way galaxy and the location of two huge North Arctic structures And the Blowing Zone
Credit: West et al., ArXiv

While these structures have apparently been unrelated since their discovery in the 1960s, and each has been studied separately, now a team Research from the University of Toronto, led by Dr. Jennifer West, suggests that they are actually part of a massive tunnel-like magnetic field that surrounds the solar system.

West "If we look at the sky, we see this tunnel-like structure in the range of radio waves in any direction we look at it," he said in the journal Science.

Spectral Simulation Radio

University research team To reach this conclusion, Toronto developed its own computer model by simulating the structure of the sky within the range of radio waves, as seen from Earth. Using this model, the researchers were able to determine that the two structures were connected by magnetic filaments such as ropes. West estimates that these structures are about 350 light-years away from our solar system and their length It is about 1000 light years.

BingMag.com A huge magnetic tunnel was discovered around the solar system

Magnetic tunnel around the solar system in the night sky
Credit: Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory/Villa Elisa telescope/ESA/Planck Collaboration/Stellarium/J. West

Future Research

The team plans to complete more sophisticated models in the future to find out what the role of magnetic tunnels is in the galaxy. "Magnetic fields do not exist independently, and all of them must be interconnected," West said. So the next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field connects to a larger-scale galactic magnetic field, as well as connecting it to smaller magnetic fields such as the earth and the sun. 4.jpg ">

Comparison of a real tunnel with a discovered magnetic tunnel
Credit (Left): Pixabay/wal_172619/J . West

It is not yet clear exactly what causes these structures, but if these magnetic tunnels are related to other magnetic fields, there will be other limitations and consequences. In addition, it could help to better understand the formation and evolution of the magnetic fields of galaxies and other string structures around the Milky Way.

This discovery has opened a new window for the scientific community to explore in more detail. But in any case, as West points out, "Every time we look at the night sky, it's fascinating to think that these structures are everywhere."

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Cover Photo: Graphic Design of Magnetic Field Interaction
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