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A huge asteroid will soon pass close to Earth

A large rocky asteroid is scheduled to pass by Earth next week. This asteroid with a diameter of 1 km is about 2.5 times taller than the Empire State Building and is one of the potentially dangerous asteroids due to its size and regular and close visits to our planet.

There is no need to worry and visit this The moon will be very safe because the asteroid will pass by Earth at a distance of 1.93 million kilometers, which is approximately 5.15 times farther from the moon. Its orbital calculations are only 133 km apart, so there is no risk of an asteroid hitting Earth soon.

In fact, if you are an observer, when this asteroid is 1 km in diameter from Earth's sky When you visit, you will enjoy watching it. The closest transit of the asteroid will take place on January 18 at 16:51 in the Eastern Time Zone (01:21 AM 19 January). Bar was discovered in 1994 by astronomer Robert McNaught at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. By tracking the return route, scientists were able to find images of it up to September 1974, which is why we can be very sure of its orbital path.

BingMag.com A <b>huge</b> <b>asteroid</b> will <b>soon</b> <b>pass</b> <b>close</b> to Earth

asteroid Circuit (7482) 1994 PC1
Credit: Tomruen/Wikimedia

Indeed asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 has an orbital arc of only about 47 years, which is the time between observations in our night sky. The last orbit of the asteroid occurred 89 years ago on January 17, 1933 at a slightly closer (but still safe) distance of 1.1 million kilometers. The asteroid is expected to be at a similar distance from Earth on January 18, 1055 (December 28, 1483). Belongs, learn more. These are the most common group of asteroids we know of, and they all have the same orbital length as Earth. For example, the 1994 asteroid (7482) PC1 orbits the Sun once every 1 year and 7 months between 0.9 and 1.8 Earth. Lets see the past of this huge rocky hill. The asteroid is moving at an astonishing speed of about 19.56 kilometers per second relative to Earth, which means it looks like a star but moves in the night sky of Earth observers.

BingMag.com A <b>huge</b> <b>asteroid</b> will <b>soon</b> <b>pass</b> <b>close</b> to Earth

asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 when observing in 1997
Credit: Sormano Astronomical Observatory At 10 magnitude, the asteroid will be about the size of a commune that cannot be seen with the naked eye or binoculars, but according to EarthSky's Eddie Irizarry, if you have at least a 6-inch telescope, you can Passing near the asteroid, have a brief look at it. It is also possible to photograph an asteroid in the right conditions and with the right tools.

Given that many people around the world sat down to watch "Don't Look Up" during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Concerns about an asteroid passing through this close distance to Earth seem natural. But if this film has taught us anything, it is the trust of scientists and their orbital calculations.

It is predicted that an asteroid of this size will hit Earth only once every 600,000 years. Fortunately, NASA is currently testing the Double asteroid Redirection Test (DART), which plans to hit an asteroid with a space rock to deflect it.

Source: Science Alert

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