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The Hubble Space Telescope's open field camera has resumed operations

BingMag.com The Hubble Space Telescope's open field camera has resumed operations

The Hubble Space Telescope instruments, which have been dormant for several weeks, are now gradually returning to scientific activity with NASA software modifications.

It was in late October that the Hubble Space Observatory struggled to synchronize its internal messages, and all five of its major scientific instruments went into Safe Mode.

The Hubble team managed to reactivate the Advanced Camera for Surveys tool on November 7, and now they can re-enable another important tool, the Wide Field Camera 3. Return to operation, which is set to resume scientific observations today.

The Hubble team restored the ACS and WFC3 scientific instruments without significant changes to their parameters and with software modifications. But at the same time, engineers are inventing and testing fundamental changes to both restore the tools and investigate the root cause of the sync problem.

According to NASA, "These changes allow the tools to Missed sync message will continue to work if it occurs in the future. "These changes are first applied to another tool called the Cosmic Origin Spectrograph to protect the sensitive detector of the far UV spectrum." Slowly NASA says Hubble's Open Field Camera 3 is the most widely used tool, accounting for more than a third of the observation time. The scientific instrument was installed on the Hubble during the last spacewalk to Hubble in 2009.

During these missions, they maintained and upgraded the telescope, which was launched into orbit on April 1, 1990. And that explains how Hubble has remained so active and effective for more than 30 years.

However, signs of aging have just begun at the space observatory. For example, the entire suite was inactive for more than a month this summer after a problem with the main boot computer, and the Hubble team finally fixed the problem by switching processes to backup hardware.

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