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Huawei will probably unveil a vertical clamshell soon

BingMag.com Huawei will probably unveil a vertical clamshell soon

Huawei Mate X series phones open and close horizontally, and for example, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series phones are based on the same mechanism. Now, according to new reports, it seems that Huawei is preparing a vertical clamshell phone that will be introduced soon. Among these types of clamshell phones, we can mention Motorola Razer and Galaxy Z Flip.

This phone, called Huawei Mate V, will be launched with the Kieran 9000 chipset. For those unaware of the consequences of US sanctions, the Kieran 9000 is the latest powerful chipset designed by Huawei, and due to US pressure, no company is willing to produce the powerful chipsets designed by the company.

According to published reports, Huawei will hold an event on October 21 (October 29) and maybe Mention this phone in this ceremony. It should be noted that this is the first time a rumor has been spread about the Huawei Vertical Folding Phone.

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Source: GSM Arena

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