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Huawei uses US Snapdragon 4G chips to circumvent US sanctions instead of 5G versions

BingMag.com Huawei uses US Snapdragon 4G chips to circumvent US sanctions instead of 5G versions

Last month, Huawei's current president, Gu Ping, announced that the chip was the biggest problem for the company due to the US embargo on Huawei. As you know, in the midst of the Trump administration's trade war with China, Huawei faced US sanctions that are still in place, even under the Biden administration.

As a result of these sanctions, many large American companies Or companies that use American technology were barred from providing services to Huawei. Finally, with the update of Huawei's embargo structure in May, the US government announced that these companies were banned from supplying advanced chips to Huawei. Of course, the Chinese company has its own semiconductor division that makes Kieran chipsets, but it will still not need other manufacturers.

In August, the president of the company announced:

Huawei finally managed to solve this problem by producing the flagship P50 series. The series of Huawei flagships, which focus on powerful cameras, are usually introduced in the first quarter of the year, but this year, due to problems caused by the US embargo on Huawei, the company unveiled the P50 Pro in August. Moon to unveil P50.

BingMag.com Huawei uses US Snapdragon 4G chips to circumvent US sanctions instead of 5G versions

Huawei seems to have found a way to The existence of severe American sanctions will continue. The Chinese strategy is to develop new and powerful chipsets that do not use the most advanced technologies of the day. For example, the Huawei P50 series uses Samsung's Snapdragon 888 chip, which comes with a 5-nanometer architecture.

  • Why are the leading handset makers designing a proprietary chip?

There will be no 5G!

Currently, the Snapdragon 888 chip is used in major Android flagships such as the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, but Qualcomm only It can provide this chip to Huawei if it does not have a 5G modem.

According to a post published by Digital Chat Station on the Weibo social network, Huawei can also offer a 4G version of Snapdragon 778G chipsets for phones. Order your non-flagship (probably Nova 9 series). When the Snapdragon 898 is unveiled next year, the company will only be able to access the 4G version. The series usually launches in the fourth quarter of the year, but this year the Chinese were forced to postpone the introduction and release of the Mate 50 series until 2022. For this reason, it can be predicted that this series will be equipped with a 4G version of the Snapdragon 898 chip.

BingMag.com Huawei uses US Snapdragon 4G chips to circumvent US sanctions instead of 5G versions

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