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Huawei patents a rolling phone

BingMag.com Huawei patents a rolling phone

It looks like Huawei plans to unveil a roller coaster in the near future as a patent for it was released today.

Huawei is not doing well in the smartphone market at all, as it has been under intense pressure for two years due to sanctions. However, it has not given up yet and has launched several handsets since the embargo. Although the sales situation of these phones was due to Google services and services are not good at all and we see more sales of Huawei products in China, but the Chinese company still hopes to continue the trend and wants to compete with big operating companies like Samsung with proprietary operating system and 4G chips. , Apple and Xiaomi.

Huawei is currently ranked seventh in terms of smartphone sales, and this is not at all what we expect. Last year, the Chinese company was able to overtake Samsung and reach the first place, but the pressure of sanctions was more than the attractiveness of the company's products. But the interesting thing is that Huawei not only did not stop producing the phone, but also wants to produce a rolling phone.

Today, a patent for a rolling Huawei phone was registered by this company, which shows that this product has three different modes. ; One closed and two open. In the first case, the screen will be 35% larger, and if you open the screen more, it will be 70% larger than the screen size when closed. As a result, the 6.5-inch closed-end phone can turn into an 11-inch tablet, which is much larger than Samsung's clamshell phones./h2>

Of course, the main advantage of having a rolling phone is not that a small product, the size of a smartphone, can be turned into a tablet. Compared to clamshell phones, this display is no longer clamshell and just rolls. So it's no longer an annoying fold, and that's an advantage over rolling-up phones over clamshell phones. Based on the description in this patent, as well as rumors and news, he designed an image and a video of it, which you can see in the image above. Keep in mind that this image is based on the description, and Huawei is not supposed to have such a design if it exists.

Huawei, but from what we see, the display of this phone in The outer part is embedded. Thus, if this product is to be officially designed by a Chinese company as we see it, it will not be able to protect its display from possible bumps and scratches. Samsung, for example, had patented a roll-up phone that folded inward. The name of this phone will apparently be Galaxy Z Slide, which uses only two modes; Open or closed. Unlike the Huawei representative, which has a third mode between open and closed, this phone either opens or closes completely, which has strengths and weaknesses in both modes. The Galaxy Z Flip Slide, which was patented by Samsung some time ago, is very similar in appearance to the Huawei phone that we are now witnessing.

Before LG launched its mobile division Completely shut down, it also tried to produce and market a roller coaster, but its construction project ended at the same time as the closure of LG's mobile business. The phone, however, had an attractive design, and according to the teaser that was released, we saw that it had a shrinking 7.4-inch display. This means that the phone would reach 7.4 inches at its largest and get smaller and smaller. Of course, this phone never hit the market, although rumors suggested that LG would still offer the product despite the closure of the mobile segment.

Of course, the problems that occurred during the production process of this product can not be ignored. Just as clamshell phones are very fragile and vulnerable because of their flexible, soft screens, so are rolling-up phones. Certainly, the companies have not yet started producing such handsets because they have not been able to overcome the problems in the production process at the moment. Usually, the more the rolled-up phone is opened, the harder it will be to produce.

BingMag.com Huawei patents a rolling phone

The advantage of the rolling phone Compared to clamshell phones, in addition to the lack of folds, there is no need for an in-screen selfie camera, because there is enough camera on the back panel of the phone that the user can take a selfie with it. Of course, the phone that Huawei has registered the patent, because it has a state between open and closed, can help users to take selfies without having to open it to the end.

The title "controllable foldable phone with sound and vibration effect" was registered. According to the description, the technology used in this product allows users to open the phone even with gestures, that is, by shaking the movement of the hand, and this is amazing. In addition, you can also open the phone by touching a virtual slider on the display itself. It becomes. The speed at which the phone opens and closes can also be controlled with two, three, four or five fingers. A camera sends this information to the sensor, and that sensor determines how fast the phone opens and closes.

We don't know at this time when Huawei wants to roll out its phone. Unveil or market. It is also not at all clear whether such a plan will actually become a reality at all because many patents are usually filed but few products become a reality. So we have to wait a little longer and see what news will be published about this issue. At the moment, Huawei's situation is not good at all and we have to see what will happen.

Source: PhoneArena 7

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