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Huawei Nova 8i review

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

Huawei Nova 8i is one of the newest affordable handsets that Huawei has unveiled in 2021. The Chinese company, despite the heavy sanctions of the US government, still introduced several mid-range phones this summer, including the Nova 8, Nova 8i, Nova 8 Pro. Of course, Huawei started unveiling the phones of this series in November last year and continued until this summer. Therefore, several versions of this series are available. In this article, however, we are going to review the Huawei Nova 8i to see if it is worth buying compared to the more affordable phones on the market.

As you probably know, Huawei It has been banned by Google for two years and does not have access to the company's services. As a result of the embargo, Huawei decided to expand its dedicated service for its handsets. As a result, when you buy the Nova 8i, instead of Google services, you will see the HMS service, which stands for Huawei Mobile Services. With the App Gallery, the HMS service meets the needs of users of Google services by providing similar applications, and Huawei is constantly improving its situation through various methods (for example, cooperation with Iranian applications) in order to keep its users satisfied. Therefore, the issue of sanctions does not diminish the usual quality of Huawei phones, because there are many users who can meet their needs even without Google services and applications.

On Huawei Nova 8i Android operating system as the default operating system Plays a role; But not the official and complete version. This means that there is no news of Google pre-installed applications in it; For example, Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and the like are not installed or even available on Huawei phones that include the Nova 8i, and you have to use your phone without Google services.

Of course That being said, while this is important to many users, it is not really a particular weakness for many of them. If you are one of those users who use Google services and services do not have much effect on your daily work, so this review can definitely help you make the right choice.

But we will deal with Review the Huawei Nova 8I to see what features this phone has as a powerful intermediary that will make us want to buy it.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

Specifications of Huawei Nova 8i at a glance

  • Body Specifications: Body made of glass and frame made of aluminum - 8.6 74.7 161.9mm - 190g - Dual Nano SIM
  • Display Specifications: 6.67-inch IPS LCD with 1 billion color display - Resolution 2376 1080 with a pixel density of 391 pixels per inch - Screen to body ratio: 89.4%
  • Processor specifications: Snapdragon 662 (with 11nm lithography) - 8 cores, 4 cores with a frequency of 2.0 GHz type Cortex-A73 and 4 cores with a frequency of 1.8 GHz type Cortex-A53 - Adreno GPU <610
  • RAM and internal memory: 128.8 and 128.8 GB - No support for external memory card
  • Operating system and software: Android 10 with user interface EMUI 11
  • Camera Specifications: 64-megapixel main camera with f/1.9 aperture - 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera with f/2.4 aperture and 120 coverage angle - Sensor 2-megapixel depth with f/2.4 aperture - 2-megapixel macro sensor with f/2.4 aperture - 16-megapixel selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture, 1080P video recording capability at 30fps
  • support
  • Main camera features: 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second - HDR support
  • Battery and charger: 4300 mAh with 66 watt fast charger support (Ability to fully charge the phone in 38 minutes according to the company)
  • Sensors: Fingerprint sensor integrated with power key, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass

Unboxing Huawei Nova 8i

The Huawei Nova 8i is an economical phone, so naturally what we expect is in the packaging. This means that the box of the phone is large and we also see the charger adapter inside it; And this is exactly the opposite of today's flagships, which companies market with the slogan of environmental protection, without adapters and handsfree.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

By opening the box, we see the phone itself, which is inside a protective plastic layer. After that, another box is seen with a jelly frame and a SIM card needle inside. Finally, we come to the 66-watt charger, which has an excellent speed in charging the phone, and we are glad that such a high-speed adapter is available in the box, and we do not have to pay for it separately.

In addition , A USB-A to USB-C cable can also be seen inside the box. There is also a relatively good quality handsfree in the package, which is a positive point. The good news is that this phone, unlike the standard model, also supports a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means that even if you buy a custom headphone with a 3.5 mm interface, you will not have any problems connecting it to the phone. Of course, if you are also interested in wireless headphones, you can buy one of them without any worries and connect it to your phone.

Design, build quality and ease of use

But from the box that Let's get to the product itself; Where we see a 6.67-inch phone, which by today's standards, is considered a relatively large phone. Of course, this phone is slightly larger than its standard model, the Nova 8, and weighs more as a result. But although this phone is an economical phone, its appearance does not give you such a feeling at all, because Huawei uses a metal body in its design, and the phone looks extremely attractive and eye-catching. The Nova 8i has very few margins, so that at first glance you feel that the screen is curved towards the corners. But this is not the case. Of course, the margins of the lower part are slightly larger than the other parts, which can be ignored because we really did not expect more from an economic product.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

Huawei Nova 8i can not be considered a lightweight product. Of course, 190 grams is not too much for a relatively 6.7-inch phone, but in long-term use, your hands may get a little tired. Especially since users often provide frames for their phones. Of course, compared to other mid-range devices, such as the Galaxy A52, which also has a smaller display (weighing 190 grams), the weight of this phone is quite appropriate. The thickness of this product is not very small. This means that we can not categorize it among phones with a slim frame design, but this does not detract from the convenience of the phone.

Of course, you must also keep in mind that if Your hand is small, you may not be able to enjoy this phone as much as you should because not only does it have a large screen, but by placing the frame, it becomes much larger and thicker than you think. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy this phone if you do not have a problem with phones with large screens.

On the back panel, however, we see a large circular module that does not protrude too much from the panel, but The module itself is really big. Inside the module is a main camera, an ultra-wide camera and two macro cameras and depth gauges, which brings the total number of cameras in this phone to four. An LED flash can also be seen in the upper-left part of this module. Apart from this module, we see the Huawei brand name in the lower left part of the back panel, which has given a beautiful and at the same time simple look to the phone. Interestingly, in none of the colors of this product, there is no news of the brand name "Nova" on the back panel and only the name of Huawei can be seen.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

Huawei Nova 8i is sold in three simple colors of blue, black and silver, which of course Huawei calls Moonlight Silver. Named Interstellar Blue and Starry Black. All of these colors are simple, but they do not detract from the appeal of the product.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

To the side frames of the phone. As mentioned, the frame of the phone is made of aluminum, and this is why when you hold the phone in your hand, you feel like a raised phone. It is admirable to see Huawei use a combination of metal and glass for an economical phone. Because these days, some companies even market their flagships with plastic bodies.

Huawei has installed two keys on the right side of this metal frame, one small and the other relatively twice as big. As expected, the small key acts as the power key to which the fingerprint sensor is integrated. But a larger key is used to control the sound. There are no physical keys or holes in the left frame. But in the upper frame we see a microphone and a 3.5 mm jack and in the lower frame we see another microphone, USB-C port, speaker and SIM card slot.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

In general, this phone receives an acceptable score in terms of design and comfort in the hand, but more for those who have bigger hands and like phones with large screens. In this case, the Nova 8i can be considered one of the best economical phones on the market in terms of build quality. But it is a pity that there is no resistance standard in this phone, which means that a good representative of Huawei has no resistance against the penetration of water or dust, and even if it has, it has not been officially tested and approved.

Display quality

The Huawei Nova 80I display is of good quality. If we say that this display is great, we are exaggerating a bit, but for a phone with this price range, a display with FHD + resolution is quite suitable. In fact, the Huawei dealer has a display like all its all-in-one handsets, but its refresh rate is 60 Hz. While many phones have a display price of at least 90 Hz at this price, this can not be considered a disadvantage. In fact, it would be great if the screen of this phone was 90 Hz. Many mid-range and economical phones these days have 90Hz displays, and this has become almost a standard for them, but there are expensive flagships whose screen refresh rate reaches 60Hz. That is why we do not consider not using it as a weakness.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

But all these statements This does not mean that the Nova 8 has a weak display. Among the intermediaries, having a 6.67-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2376 and a pixel density of 391 pixels per inch is quite ideal, and we should evaluate Huawei's performance well in this regard. In all reviews of the Nova 8i, the phone displayed colors with high accuracy and detail (within its limits and sizes) while watching videos, photos, browsing or playing games. So if you are looking for an economical phone with a good display, then the Huawei Nova 8i can definitely meet your needs in the best possible way. It is located, but interestingly, the shape of this module is such that it seems that two cameras are embedded inside it, but in fact there is a 16-megapixel selfie camera inside it, and we do not know why such a module should have been considered for it at all.>

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

The camera itself is very small, of course, but it would have been better if Huawei had used the same hole for less screen integrity. To eat. Of course, the positive thing about the display part is that Huawei has also minimized the margins around it; So that the area around this phone, although not curved, but you can not clearly see the edges. In addition to increasing the attractiveness and beauty of the phone, this has made the display a large part of the front panel. has done. In this way, the speed of unlocking the phone is very high and with the first attempt, the phone will definitely be unlocked. One of the reasons we prefer this sensor to the sensor inside the display is that the speed and quality of the fingerprint readability in this case becomes more and better because the sensor under the display in the user's fingerprint readability if that part gets dirty or thick protective glass is placed. It gets in trouble.

Nova 8i battery life

But we come to the Huawei Nova 8i battery life, which is one of the strengths of this phone. Huawei has equipped this product with a 4300 mAh battery, which seems to be quite suitable for the 6.67-inch display of this phone, which does not have high refresh rate. In BingMag reviews, this phone was able to last a full day in normal tasks or even a little beyond that, but if you want to constantly play games or do heavy work with the phone, you will probably need to do it before a full day. Connect the charger.

Cheap phones usually do not have very high hardware power, but instead use a high-capacity battery so that users can use them for longer. There are phones on the market that have a battery capacity of 5,000 or even 7,000 mAh, but Huawei decided to equip its economic representative with a battery with a relatively good capacity, which of course also has a good performance and can easily users up to one day. It helps with relatively heavy tasks.

But one of the strengths of the Huawei Nova 8i in this area is its powerful charger. Although Huawei did not use a high-capacity battery in this phone, but wanted to reassure users that even if the battery is depleted soon, you can charge the phone at the highest speed that an economical phone can charge. The charger, which is fortunately available in the box, is 66 watts and can fully charge the phone in less than 40 minutes.

According to BingMag reviews, if the phone's battery capacity When it reaches zero, you can fully charge it in about 40 minutes. But the interesting thing is that this charger only takes 15 minutes to increase the battery capacity from 0 to something around 55% so that the user can prepare his off-the-phone phone for use in half a day after only a quarter.

As mentioned, the Nova 8i does not score extremely well in terms of battery life, but thanks to its high-speed charger, it is a very reliable and powerful product that can meet the needs of users.

Sound quality

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

The Huawei Nova 8i uses a speaker. In fact, the speaker of this phone is not stereo, and therefore it may have a slightly lower performance in terms of clarity and clarity than the phones that use such speakers. But this does not mean that the quality of the speakers of this phone is poor. Conversely, what you expect from a speaker of an economical phone in this price range will be best met in the Huawei Nova 8i. So there is no need to worry about this.

Software and Hardware Performance

The Huawei Nova 8i unfortunately has a major problem in this area, and perhaps this is its only weakness. . You definitely know what we're talking about. In 2019, the Chinese company was sanctioned by Google, and as a result, the company is not officially allowed to use Google applications or services on its phones. Huawei Nova 8i is one of the phones that are subject to this embargo. So when you buy this phone, the first thing you will not notice is the folder for Google applications and services.

This complicates the examination of the software part of the phone a bit. At present, Huawei's proprietary operating system, Harmony, has been installed on 120 million copies of the company's handsets, and their number is increasing day by day. This means that the relationship between Google and Huawei does not look like it will return to normal any time soon, as Huawei has invested heavily in its proprietary operating system. Of course, the supply of many phones that use this operating system is limited to the Chinese market, because only in this country can the phone be used with this operating system. The company's handsets that enter the global market are still available with the same EMUI user interface on the Android operating system, which also includes the Nova 8i.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

Huawei Nova 8i uses Android 10 as its default operating system. It does not contain Google services or applications. But thanks to the EMUI 11 user interface and its various features, users will have access to many things they need from a phone. By purchasing this product instead of a Play Store, you will have access to the Huawei App Store and HMS services (Huawei Mobile Services for short). It is also possible to download applications, ie download them from outside the store. So, in general, we can say that in terms of software experience, you do not face much trouble because many of them are available as APK files on the Internet, while you can always open an account on Iranian app stores such as Bazaar Cafe and Miket. p>

But regarding the EMUI 12 user interface, we have to say that the Chinese company introduced this interface last year, which in general we can say has a very good performance. Of course, it was a bit strange for us why the product that will be unveiled and launched in 2021 should still use Android 10 as its default operating system, and we should add this to the weaknesses of the phone.

However The overall performance of the phone is very good. In everyday use, there is no specific lag or slowness in doing any of the tasks (normal tasks) and the user interface is very light and optimal. In appearance, this interface looks very nice and working with it is attractive. With the optimizations done on this interface, everything gets better.

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

- - . .

EMUI 12 8 . EMUI 12 . .

8 . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

8 8 662 4 . 4 20 Cortex-A73 4 18 Cortex-A53 . .

8/6 128 . 8 6 . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

8 . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

8 . . .

. 64 8 2 . . . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

. . . 8 .

. . . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

. . 8 . . .

8 . 1080P 30 . 4K . 8 . . .

  • Video 1080 30fps

16 . 1080P 30 . . (Beauty) . . .

BingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i reviewBingMag.com Huawei Nova 8i review

8 . .


8 . .

8 . . 8 :



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