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Huawei's new clamshell phone may arrive in February

Huawei has launched three clamshell phones with the names of Mate X, XS and X2 so far. It is now said that the company is preparing its fourth clamshell phone. A well-known Chinese whistleblower wrote on the social network Weibo that the phone will most likely be introduced in February (February-March).

The clamshell phone will probably be unveiled alongside the Mate 50 series. According to reports, the phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor under the screen and uses the old display based on POL-LESS technology, which was developed by Samsung and increases the brightness by about 20 to 30%.

If the rumors are true, Huawei's latest clamshell phone will no longer use an external display like previous generations and will hit the market with a vertical mechanism - like the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Other possible features include the use of the dedicated Kieran 9000 chipset, which apparently does not support 5G Internet.

Apart from Huawei, other Chinese companies are also preparing their own clamshell phones, and among them Oppo and Vivo are likely to unveil their first clamshell in the near future. Xiaomi, which entered the market last year, will soon introduce a new clamshell phone to users.

Source: GizmoChina

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