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The Huawei Mate X3 clamshell phone may be introduced in another 3 weeks

BingMag.com The <b>Huawei</b> <b>Mate</b> X3 <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> <b>may</b> be <b>introduced</b> in <b>another</b> 3 weeks

There have been many reports in recent months about Huawei's latest clamshell phone, which is supposed to be the Mate X3. Now a number of Chinese whistleblowers have claimed that Huawei will unveil this phone in about 3 weeks. Previous reports said that the phone will be launched with a 4G version of the Kieran 9000 chipset. But now one of the whistleblowers claims that Huawei has considered a 4G version of Snapdragon 888 chipset for this phone.

On the other hand, it was announced some time ago that this clamshell phone will probably use the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 . So we can not say for sure about the chip in this phone. Some rumors have suggested that the phone may use an external display, such as Huawei's first clamshell phone. This is while the second generation of the phone in question, like the Galaxy Z Fold series, uses a built-in folding display. Other leaked features include the Harmony OS 2.0.1 operating system and a 4,500mAh battery with support for 66-watt fast charge.

Apparently the Huawei Mate X3's main display is based on a refresh rate of 120 It is Hertz and we should also expect to use a better hinge. We should also not rule out the possibility of using better cameras. Regarding the name of this phone, we must say that the Mate X3 has not been confirmed by reliable sources yet, and as a result, this phone may be offered under a different name.

Let's also mention the Huawei Mate 50, which is supposed to be released with the 4G version of the 1st generation Snapdragon 8. For those users who are not familiar with the details of the Huawei embargo, we must say that the company has lost the ability to produce proprietary chips and therefore has no choice but to use the chips of other companies. The US government, on the other hand, has banned the company from offering 5G chips, which is why Huawei phones are coming with 4G versions of different chips. It is worth mentioning that Huawei was once one of the largest companies in the mobile market, but now its name is no longer among the top 10 companies.

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Source: Gizmochina

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