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How to write a perfect business plan?

BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan? Your business plan is the backbone of your business. In this post, we will look at how to write an efficient business plan quickly.

Business plans help you build your business Run

A good business plan can be a good guide for you in all stages of starting and managing a business. You can use your business plan as a roadmap. The business plan provides you with all the information you need to know about the structure, implementation and growth of your business; In fact, a business plan is a key element of your business.

A business plan can help you raise capital or a partnership. Investors will trust you by reading and viewing your business plan and will understand how their return on investment will be. Your business plan is actually a tool that you can use to persuade people to work with you or invest in your company.

BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

Choose the right template for your business plan

There is no right or wrong way to write a business plan. The only thing that matters in writing a business plan is that the business plan covers all your needs. Most business plans come in two forms: traditional and startup.

Traditional business plans are usually more common; Because these business plans use a fixed structure and in each section also encourage the author to write in detail. Writing these business plans is more difficult and is usually several tens of pages long.

BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

traditional business plan template

If you are a meticulous person or you are looking for an investor for your startup, you are probably more comfortable writing a business plan in the traditional format. When writing your business plan, you do not have to enter all the sections from the beginning. Start with the part you understand best. Traditional business plans consist of the following nine sections.

  • Executive Summary: Write a brief description of your company . State the reasons for the company's success and mission. In this section you should provide information about the employees, the management team and the geographical location of the company. If you are looking for an investor, you should provide financial explanations and forecast the company's revenue as the business grows.
  • Company Description: In this section, you must write detailed and detailed company information. Be sure to mention what problems your company solves; In fact, tell us what problem your business has come up with. Be careful and detailed and make a list of customers, companies and organizations that can use your product or service.
  • BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

    In this section, include your competitive advantage. Tell us what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Have you enlisted the help of professionals in your team? Do you have in mind the right geographical location to open your shop? The company description section is where you should state your company's strengths and talk about them in detail.

  • Analysis Market: To write a good business plan, you need to do a thorough market research and have a good view of the market in which you intend to operate. Market research shows you what other businesses are doing and what their strengths are. So do not forget the market research. Look for new trends and themes in your market research. See what your successful competitors are doing. Why have their activities been effective? Can you be better than them? You should answer these questions in the Market Analysis section.
  • Organization and Management Form: In this section you should read Tell yourself what your organization is like and who will manage it. Legal registration and information related to the company registration and start-up law should be written in this section. The type of company, whether it was LLC or LTD, should also be mentioned in this section.
  • You can use a pyramid or chart to show the shape of your organization. use. Write on this chart what responsibilities each person in the organization has. Use this chart to show the reader that the presence of each person in the organization is necessary for the ultimate success of the company. In this section, include the resume or CV of the important people of the team.

    BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

  • Provider service or product line: In this section, specify the product or service that you want to provide. Then explain how your product or service unties the knot of customer problems. What is the life cycle of your product? In this section, also write information about intellectual property rights such as copyright law, etc.
  • Marketing and sales: Although there is no specific method for marketing the product and this method is constantly changing, but it is necessary to mention your initial plans and plans for marketing in this section. Your main goal in this section is to describe customer acquisition and retention programs. The route and method of selling the product should also be written in this section. Remember that in the financial forecasting section you should go back to this section and use this section as a resource, so it is best to list all of your marketing and sales methods in this section.
  • Investment request: If you are looking for an investor, you should describe your financial needs in this section. Set a goal for your needs and write down how much money you need over the next five years and what you will spend that money on.
  • BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

    In this section, write to your investor what the money is for. What shape do you want and what is your proposed payment system, how long will it take to get your money back? Identify your needs and write down what you want the money for. For example, you want to buy equipment with money, pay salaries or pay for company bills. Be sure to write down the company's future financial strategies in this section as well.

  • Financial Forecast: This section actually complements the previous section Is. In this part, you have to convince the reader that your business is sustainable and will reach profit and profit in a few years. If you started your business while writing a business plan, write down a number of your accounts and financial statements in the business plan. For example, if you have a loan or start-up cost to start a business. Write your company's financial forecast for the next five years in this section. Estimate your installments, income, budget, and annual expenses in this section. Adjust these forecasts to match the financial needs you wrote about in the previous section. This is where you can use charts, charts, and graphs to show your expenses.
  • Attachment: You can enter additional documents and information in this section. For example, bank account and credit history, team members resumes, referrals, certificates and emblems and legal documents are included in this section.
  • BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

    Business Plan Startup Template

    If you want your business plan to be ready quickly, simple and changeable, you can use the startup template to write your business plan. The Startup Business Plan template is actually a chart that uses various elements to describe Value Proposition, company structure, customers and. They use finance. These business plans are used to highlight the company's business tips and information.

    Many examples have been made for this business plan. But Canvas Business Plan is the oldest and most common business plan used in the field of startups. In the following, we will examine the important parts of the Canvas business plan.

    BingMag.com How to write a perfect business plan?

  • Key Parnerships: This section lists all the companies or services that can be used to start a business. Write yes. For example, different suppliers, manufacturers, or contractors.
  • Key Activities: You get a competitive advantage, write. Mention tips such as selling directly to the customer, or using technology to improve the market economy.
  • Key Resources: In this section, write down all the resources you need to generate value for your customer. The most important things to write about in this section are employees, capital and intellectual property rights. If you have a specific view of a particular department or group in your business, such as women, veterinarians, etc., write:
  • Value proposition:
  • Customer Relationships: In this section, write down all the ways your customers can connect with your business. Are customers contacting you in person or online? Consider the entire process of your business and note the types of relationships that customers may have with you.
  • Customer Segments: Specify your target market in this section. Your business is not for everyone, so it is important to choose the people and the market in which you should sell your product.
  • Channels: Make a list of all the ways you communicate with your customers. Most companies use multiple communication channels to communicate with their customers and then optimize each of these channels over time.
  • Cost Structure: Is your company focused on reducing costs and adding value? Describe your strategy and then list the costs of the company in that order.
  • Revenue Streams: In this section You need to explain how your company makes money. For example, through direct sales, selling memberships, getting ads, and so on. Note that if your company makes money through a few of the above, you should write them all down in this section.

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