How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

If you are a laptop user, there are a series of tips about its correct use that you must follow because otherwise and with Improper use of it may put a lot of pressure on your back, neck, legs and body in general. How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

If you are a laptop user, there are a series of tips about its correct use that you must follow because otherwise and with Improper use of it may put a lot of pressure on your back, neck, legs and body in general.

Since the laptop is highly portable unlike a desktop computer, many users use it in any situation. They use, the most common is to place the laptop on the legs, but this should not be done because it puts a lot of pressure on the back, neck and legs. Of course, there are many injuries that may be caused to the body if the laptop is used incorrectly, and in this article we are going to mention some ways to prevent them. So stay with us.

Dos and don'ts when working with a laptop

1. Don't put the laptop on your feet How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

Although the name laptop comes from two Latin words "Lap" It is called the part above the knee) and "Top" (Top means top) and actually describes a product that can be used even when it is on the feet, but try to do this as much as possible. do not do Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing short tasks like typing emails or things like that, but if you are going to work a lot, in this situation, you will only get closer and closer to back pain.

Laptop is made with one purpose and It is also to have the power of desktop computers in much smaller dimensions and with the possibility of moving. Ergonomics was not considered at all when producing such a product. You can never, for example, put the monitor, mouse and keyboard on your feet and work with the system; The laptop has exactly the same conditions.

In the following, we will discuss different modes that will help you achieve the best ergonomics when working with a laptop.

2. Place the laptop at the right height

In the beginning, we mentioned that it is better to take the laptop off your feet. Especially during long meetings. The next important step is to increase the height of the display as much as possible so that you no longer have to look down. It doesn't matter if the laptop is on the dining table or on a special laptop table or on a regular stand. The goal here is not what the laptop sits on, but the appropriate height to adjust the product to. What you should pay attention to as a laptop user is to set this product at a height where you don't have to bend your back or keep your head down all the time.

Regardless of the sitting position, the keyboard should be in such a position that your elbows make a 90-degree angle when working with it. Your arms should not be drooping or too high. Both situations cause serious damage to your back in the long run. How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

If you see that your desk is not special for working with a laptop and as a result does not allow you to change the height, you can solve this problem very simply and with a few other tools. For example, if the height is too low, you can put a book or a cup under the laptop, if the height is too high, you can put a cushion on the chair to sit a little higher. Buy a good laptop. These desks are especially recommended for people who do a lot of work with a laptop because they can place it at the best and most correct height possible according to your needs so that there is less damage to the back and neck. Now, if you have a regular chair, you can use the laptop properly by adjusting the height of the table.

One of the best products you can buy in this category is the portable laptop table with cool pad model. It is a height-adjustable laptop table and uses a cooling fan so that you can kill two birds with one stone. To see the most popular products in this category, you can refer to the page whose link is placed below.

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3. Buy a comfortable chair How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

You don't need to spend millions of tomans to buy a chair. However, the more you spend, the more attractive, comfortable and high-quality you will get. But as long as the chair is so soft and comfortable that you can sit on it for a few hours without putting any pressure on your back, it is enough.

Ordinary chairs such as plastic or dining chairs are only suitable for sitting for a short time and not Long meetings. Therefore, when you know that you are a semi-professional or professional laptop user, be sure to buy a regular chair for yourself that you can adjust its height, recline its back, and Overall, customize it as much as possible so that your back and neck do not suffer too much damage.

Ordinary wooden or plastic chairs do not provide protection for the neck and back, nor a stand to put your feet on. have. Of course, some chairs do not have such a stand, but at least they take care of the neck and back much better. Now, if the chair you bought can't take care of your lower back too much so that you don't get a lumbar depression, you can solve the problem by buying cheap cushions.

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Small cushions They are the best solution that can save you from the high costs of buying expensive chairs. Therefore, with a smart purchase, you can both avoid improper use of the laptop and take care of your body.

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4. Don't dangle your legs How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

If you're one of those people who sit a lot, you probably know One of the worst pressures you can put on your foot is to drop it. That is, actually hang it on the ground or stick it hard to the ground. This problem exists especially for people who work on chairs with no possibility of height adjustment.

This is not correct at all because when you release the legs, a lot of pressure is applied to them. In fact, the foot is pulled towards the ground, which in the long run causes all kinds of knee pain, weakness and numbness, etc. to come to you. The best solution to solve this problem is to get a good office chair or if you have a normal chair but it is not possible to adjust the height, it is recommended to buy a footrest that is not expensive so that your feet are in the best position while working. It should be with the laptop.

Among the best and most popular footrests in the market that you can buy right now from the BingMag store, the following models can be mentioned:

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5. Use an external mouse and keyboard How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

One of the best and easiest ways you can use it Use your laptop in a completely ergonomic and comfortable way by buying an external mouse and keyboard. Although the laptop provides you with both of these at no extra cost, if you use it a lot, you have to be close to the laptop all the time.

Suppose you put the laptop in front of your eyes You no longer need to bend your back and this means that one of the problems of working with a laptop is solved, but the same thing means that the touchpad and keyboard are so high that they may not be very suitable for working. Here, buying an external keyboard and mouse can be a good option because you can place them at a lower height than the laptop and while the screen is in front of your eyes, use the mouse and keyboard at the desired height.

Of course, in this regard, it is not possible to say with certainty that everyone will have a more comfortable experience with an external mouse and keyboard. There are many people who like to use the same keyboard and touchpad as their laptop because they prefer working with it. But if, after using the laptop in normal conditions, you feel that you wish the keyboard and touchpad were a little lower, we suggest you think about buying their external model.

Of course, you don't need to buy expensive models. do. With a simple search among the products, you can find models that have both good performance and high ratings. Do not forget that the laptop also provides you with this tool, which means that you are not always going to work with an external mouse and keyboard. In this way, buying a normal model can satisfy your needs for a long time in many cases.

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6. If possible, use a monitor How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

Most laptops have a 17-inch screen, which may be difficult for many users. who want to experience the joy of working on a big screen is not enough. Although a large laptop definitely has a more difficult moving process, but for people who often work at home, buying a monitor can be very helpful. With this, you will practically have a desktop that you can use at home in any way you want and you will not have any problems for the environment outside the home.

In other words, buying a monitor in Along with the mouse and keyboard for the laptop, it will give you a large screen, great ergonomics when typing or working with the mouse, and high productivity because you will be less tired. You can even place the laptop next to the monitor and use it as a second screen to check email. Use messaging and...

Which monitor you buy depends entirely on your budget. If you're just looking to buy something to get rid of your small laptop screen, there are countless options available. You can even consider buying used monitors. But if you are looking for a good and excellent product, naturally you have to pay a higher price, which ultimately depends on you and your needs. Maybe you don't need an external monitor at all! However, there are many good and affordable options that you can access on the following page.

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7. Give yourself a break How to use a laptop so that our back and neck are not injured?

Finally, we come to something very serious that can help you too. Have a healthier body and avoid possible back and neck injuries while working with a laptop. After every half hour or hour of work, it is enough to rest your neck for a few minutes, soften it, and then continue working. This will prevent the body from getting so-called dry, and as a result, you can work with more energy. So whether the laptop is set at the right distance or on your leg, do not forget to exercise and rest between work as an important principle.

Incorrect use of the laptop, especially for people who work a lot. What they do with this product may bring serious risks to the back, neck and body in general. In order to reduce these losses, you don't need to buy all the items mentioned above in the best model. You can buy and use the best options by paying the lowest cost and also reduce the pressure of possible injuries by taking breaks between work.

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