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How to use Instagram highlights?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

Most people are familiar with the Instagram story feature and use it all the time. In the meantime, the topic that comes up is How to save our Instagram stories so that people can view past stories by visiting our page. Instagram has a solution for this too. The Instagram highlight function has been available to all users for a long time. If we want to describe it briefly, we must say that with its help you can save any of your stories that you like on your Instagram page.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

Instagram is improving day by day and tries to add new and special features to its application in each update in addition to fixing previous problems. Instagram highlight is also a very popular and special feature that many people use. So, if you also like to get to know the subject of Instagram highlights and How to use them correctly, follow us to the end of this article in BingMag.

What is Instagram highlights?

As you have noticed with the previous explanations, Instagram highlights are actually the same Instagram stories that you choose to remain permanently on your page. Don't worry though, because you can edit them or remove a highlight entirely. other Instagram) you can use them. The interesting thing is that you can no longer find out which people have seen your highlight, just like the story. You can only see the number of views of your story.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

Instagram highlights definitely have limitations. One of these limitations is the number of photos or videos per highlight. You are only allowed to place 100 photos or videos per highlight. However, you have no limit on the number of highlights and you can easily create several highlights on your page.

How to use Instagram highlights

At the same time, Instagram highlights are a simple feature. And like the story, it can be confusing or ambiguous for some people. For example, people may not know How to change the cover of a highlight, or they may not be able to delete a highlight completely. Of course, by practicing these items several times on Instagram, they will definitely master all of its items. Just starting and learning it is a little difficult and the purpose of this article is to solve these difficulties. So, in the rest of this section, we will review all the important things related to this topic together.

How to create highlights on Instagram

If you don't have any highlights on your Instagram page yet, you can use a new story or archived stories. This feature is enabled by default on most devices, but it may not be enabled on your mobile phone. Therefore, you can find out whether the Archiving Feature is on or off in your mobile phone by following the steps below. These steps are:

1) First, open your profile and tap on the Menu icon in the upper right corner.

2) Enter the Settings section.

3) Then tap on Privacy and enter the Story section.

4) Finally, you should check that the Save story to archive option is turned on for you (as shown in the image below).


5) If this option is not on, be sure to turn it on.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

After By turning on the Archiving Feature, you can start making a highlight. By following the steps below, you can easily create a highlight on your Instagram. These steps are:

1) First, open your Instagram story section.

2) Then tap on the Highlight icon at the bottom.

3 ) Tap Add to Highlights and then New.

4) Choose a name for your highlight.

5) At this stage you can also choose an image for its cover.

6) Finally, tap Add and then Done. In this simple way, the highlight you want was created. Create without adding a story to it. In this step, you will learn How to make a highlight by adding a story to it. To create a highlight and add a story to it at the same time, you must follow the following steps in order. These steps are:

1) First, enter your Instagram profile and tap on New.

2) Select all the stories you want to add to the highlight and then click Next. Tap.

3) Choose a name for your highlight.

4) It is also better to have a cover suitable for Put your highlight theme for it as well.

5) Finally, tap on Add and Done.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

So easily you got the help of the stories you want and made an Instagram highlight.

How to add new stories to the highlight

Suppose that with In the previous steps of this article, you have created an Instagram highlight that does not have any stories in it. In fact, a highlight without a story on Instagram has no value. So we have to add a story to it. To do this, go through the following steps in order:

1) First, open the Highlight section.

2) Tap on the More option in the lower right corner.


3) Then select Edit Highlight from the menu.

4) At this stage, you must open the Stories option.

5) All the stories you want in the highlight Tick Show.

6) After completing the fifth step completely, tap on Done.

Just as easily, you can highlight the stories you want. You add it yourself.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

How to add a custom cover to your highlight?

You have probably noticed by now that when you create a highlight on your Instagram, the program automatically selects its cover from the stories you save. At the same time, you have probably seen the pages of famous people on Instagram, who have their own cover for each highlight. In fact, this cover helps entice your page visitors to open your highlights.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

So if you have a store page on Instagram or you are looking to attract more followers, it is better to pay attention to small details such as its cover in addition to the highlight topic. Follow the steps below to add a cover to your Instagram highlight or edit and delete it. These steps are:

1) First, you need to open the Highlight section and tap on the More button in the lower left corner.

2) Tap on Edit Highlight and then Edit Cover

3) In this section you can see the current cover of your highlight. To edit this image, tap on the Image icon at the bottom left.

4) In this step, you must select the desired image from your mobile phone gallery. So make sure to save your cover image in the gallery before you start.

5) Once you have selected it, tap on Done.

With the help of the steps Above, you can simply change the image on the highlight or the same cover at any time and place a replacement image for it.

How to completely remove a highlight from Instagram

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?

In many cases, people create a highlight that they are no longer interested in, or that it takes so long to edit that they prefer to and make a better and new highlight. Fortunately, deleting or editing highlights from Instagram has no limits, and at the same time, it is a very simple task. To completely remove a highlight from your Instagram, you must go through several steps in order. These steps are:

1) Tap and hold the highlight you want to delete.

2) Tap Delete Highlight from the available options. .

3) Then select Delete. In this simple way, the highlight you want will be completely deleted.

Also, instead of completely deleting a highlight, you can only delete certain stories from it. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Open the Highlight section again and go to the stories you want to delete.

2) From the bottom right corner Select the More option.

3) Then you must select the Remove from Highlight option from the menu section.

4) Tap Remove to confirm your work.

At this stage, your selected stories will be deleted from the desired highlight. Note that you can easily add those stories to your highlights.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Instagram</b> highlights?


Instagram is growing every day and if you want to make money from it or you like your page to be beautiful, you should use all its features in the best possible way. Instagram highlight is also one of its good features that many people ignore. While these highlights help a lot to make your Instagram page more beautiful. So, I suggest that you first create several beautiful highlights on your page with the help of the items mentioned in this article, and if you are not completely satisfied with them, delete it easily and without spending more time.

Do you Have you ever used Instagram highlights to increase the number of followers or make your page more beautiful? Share your comments and suggestions with us and other DigiCala Mag users.

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