How to use Galaxy S22 astrophotography feature?

Samsung is including astrophotography functionality in some of its flagship phones, starting with the S22 series, which can be used with simple settings. How to use Galaxy S22 astrophotography feature?

Samsung is including astrophotography functionality in some of its flagship phones, starting with the S22 series, which can be used with simple settings.

Google's astrophotography mode, which debuted in 2019, surprised everyone with its unique ability to capture the night sky in stunning detail. In this way, what was considered an approach and entertainment for professional photographers, became more accessible to stargazers and amateur astronomers with the arrival of smartphones. Google Pixel 4 launched, it hasn't changed much so far, but due to the lack of anything similar in flagship smartphones, it remains one of the standout features of Pixel phones even today.

Samsung also at the time The launch of its Galaxy S22 series lost the competition by not having any kind of astrophotography mode, but now it is fixing this problem with a solution.

The company is updating with the launch of One UI 5. Expert RAW camera app to include the new Astrophoto mode. Therefore, in order to be able to use this feature along with the release of Android 13, you will need a phone from the Galaxy S22 series. It's not available on the Pixel phone, but it offers night photography enthusiasts a way to capture clear and bright skies using Samsung's latest Galaxy S22 series phones, and it's likely to have more features in future updates. In this article, we explain how to use astronomical photography mode in the Galaxy S22 series. What you need is Samsung's Expert RAW camera app itself, which you can download from the Galaxy Store.

  • Also, for astrophotography mode, you'll need a Galaxy S22 series phone running Samsung's One UI 5.0. take advantage This particular tutorial uses a regular Galaxy S22 smartphone that has been updated to the One UI 5 beta interface.
  • Finally, to hold your Galaxy S22 in proper shape, use a tripod with a clip. You need it especially for your smartphone.
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    Using Astrophoto mode

    Using Astrophoto mode in the Samsung Expert RAW camera program is very simple. To start shooting the night sky, follow these simple steps:

  • Once you have the smartphone on a tripod, simply launch Expert RAW and look for the button to activate Astrophoto mode. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tapping this button opens a menu with options to activate the sky guide and adjust the duration of the photo.
  • The sky guide allows you to It lets you see the location of constellations, star groups, and more. This is a really great plugin for the app that makes shooting the night sky much more interactive and fun.
  • How to use Galaxy S22 astrophotography feature?

    Although the Expert RAW camera app is fully designed to manually adjust photo properties, enabling astrophotography mode disables the option to adjust ISO and shutter speed. However, you can still make other adjustments before you start shooting.

    You can then go ahead and adjust the remaining camera settings based on lighting and other shooting conditions to complete your shot. How to use Galaxy S22 astrophotography feature?

    Once you are ready to shoot, simply press the shutter button and wait for the phone to register. Finish the scene.

    Once the program has finished capturing the image, you'll see the final image, along with an option to open Adobe Lightroom and make adjustments to your RAW image. The option to share the image or delete it to take a new photo is also available. It depends on a variety of factors that affect astrophotography in general. There are many factors to consider when completing photography requirements for astrophotography. Perhaps one of the most important things is to make sure that there are no strong light sources at least 15 kilometers away.

    In this regard, you can use programs like Light Pollution Map to find the darkest areas around. Use your city. It is highly recommended to get out of the big cities to photograph the night sky. Fortunately, this program helps you well in finding the right spots for photography.

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    Weather conditions also affect astrophotography, so making sure that in cloudy weather for It is also important that you will not try to photograph the stars. A sky covered in thick patches of cloud is not ideal for astrophotography, so it is recommended that you use a weather app to identify the best time to go outside.

    There are many apps out there but perhaps one like Weather Underground which also provides you with data such as moon phases, AQI and wind speed is a better choice.

    When taking accurate pictures of the night sky, there are many things you can control to get a better result, but some preparations , makes your night adventure much easier, and thus you can use the new Astrophoto mode in the Samsung Expert RAW camera app to take pictures of the stars with great detail.

    The fact that this mode in the app Samsung's native camera isn't included, which makes things a bit difficult, as high-end devices like the Galaxy S22 Ultra could very well benefit from such features. However, this trend is expected to change with the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices due to launch early next year.

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