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How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

In today's world, there are many factors that keep us busy and waste time doing more important things, including networking. Social and various announcements noted. With that in mind, Microsoft unveiled the Focus assist feature in Windows 10, which is fortunately included in Windows 11.

As mentioned, the Focus assist feature was first introduced in the 2018 update as an alternative. Quiet Hours feature added to Windows 10. Now Redmond has made working with Focus assist more attractive than ever in its next-generation operating system, which will be officially released in a few days.

Appearing at the bottom of the screen will be blocked. This feature is activated automatically by setting the screen in Presentation mode, using an app in Full screen mode, or while the game is running.

Here's how to change these automatic settings. , But first we need to know how to work with Focus assist manually.

Start a session

In Windows 11, the Focus assist feature is part of the Clock app. Has become. To start each session manually, you need to log in to the clock app, which you can access by searching for the word "Clock" in the taskbar search box. Complete and away from the usual notifications and distractions to get things done in the Windows environment. . You can also use this page to set daily goals for yourself.

In addition, there are tiles that you can use to sync your Spotify account with sessions or tasks specified in the app. Add Microsoft To Do to your session.

BingMag.com How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

Click on the left app, you can specify the duration of each session and the necessary breaks for rest, alarm sound for interruptions or the end of the session and settings related to Spotify tiles and the To Do app.

Clock app settings page Windows 11 lets you choose a theme for this app and change your notification settings (including notifications that should not be blocked during the session).

BingMag.com How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

To further customize this feature and change the automatic settings, you should refer to the Focus assist settings section.

Focus assist settings

There are several ways to enter the Focus assist settings section. One way is to enter the Windows 11 settings menu, select the System option, and then select Focus assist.

Another way is to search for the name Focus assist from the taskbar search box. The third method is to click on the clock indicator in the right corner of the taskbar and then select Focus assist settings.

BingMag.com How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

After entering the settings section, you will be faced with two sections:

Focus assist

The first section allows you to enable or disable Focus assist, and at the active time Specify specific parameters for this feature:

Priority only

Priority only is an option that limits your notifications to those in the priority list. You can specify your list of priority notifications by clicking on the Customize priority list link below. After that, you'll always be notified of incoming calls, reminders, or notifications for specific apps. To add them to your list of priorities, just click on Add contacts.

BingMag.com How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

Alarms only

This option allows you to hide all notifications, except for the warnings you have already specified.

Show a summary of what I missed when focus assist was on

If you are worried about missing notifications during Focus assist sessions, you can access them by activating the "Show a summary of what I missed when focus assist was on" option. Once Focus assist is disabled, blocked notifications will be displayed to you automatically.

Automatic rules

The second section, which deals with automatic rules, allows you to Specify a preset rule for your meetings.

Using the available On and Off modes, you can enable or disable any of these options, but if you want to change the settings, you must Click on the name of that feature.

During these hours

This feature helps you specify the day and time of Focus assist activation. To edit this section, click on the name of this feature and then set the status to On.

After activating it, you can start and end each session and its days (every day, working days (Weekends). You can also specify whether your session is priority only or alarms only.

BingMag.com How to use the Focus assist feature in Windows 11?

When I ' m duplicating my display

This option works when you are using two monitors. By activating it, you can specify which Focus assist mode is priority only or alarm only.

When I'm playing a game

This option is useful when playing a game And after activating it you can specify in which of the Focus assist status is priority only or alarm only.

When I am using an app in full-screen mode only

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Finally, you should know that when the Focus assist feature is enabled, a small icon will appear at the bottom right of your Windows 11 taskbar, which you can click to view the missing notifications.

Source: The Verge

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