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How to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

BingMag.com How to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 yesterday, when it was supposed to happen today. Since there is only one way to install this operating system, we decided to teach you how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Windows 11 is now officially available and if your device is eligible to download You will definitely be able to get it as an update. Of course, this update may take some time to appear, but it will definitely be available to you in the days or eventually in the coming weeks. But if you are not familiar with the device update process and you want to do it, in this article we will teach you how to do it.

Keep in mind that the following methods can be used to download, install and Have a successful Windows 11 experience on systems that do not officially support the operating system, but we recommend that you do not do so because Microsoft has stated that it will not release any updates to the system if it detects such an issue. So the choice is yours.

Before we start the Windows 11 installation tutorial, it's a good idea to first check if our system supports this operating system at all so that we can at least feel comfortable about it. All you have to do is download, install and run the new version of the PC Health Check app recently released by Microsoft to find out why your system can't support it if you can't get it.

Of course, the main reason for not supporting Windows 11 is because of the TMP 2.0 chip, which is often used in newer processors. The option for this chip is disabled by default (at least on my system) and you must enable it in the BIOS menu. So if the app finds TMP 2.0 as the main source of the problem, first look for an option in the BIOS menu, and if you do not find it and you are sure that your processor does not support it, you should know that you can not officially run Windows 11 Receive and you must circumvent the restrictions of the American company in this area.

Safe but longer method; Windows Update

If your device supports Windows 11, you no longer need to install the ISO file because you can safely wait for it to be released by Microsoft itself and receive it through the Windows Update section. To do this, just enter the settings and select the last option, Update and settings. Then click Check for updates, wait and see if an update is received. If everything is ready, you should see the update, otherwise it is better to wait a while. You should also keep in mind that Windows 11 is available for free to your system, so do not worry about the cost.

Note: Microsoft is currently planning to release Gradually release this update for more systems. If you do not see the option to update to Windows 11, it will most likely happen in the coming weeks because your system supports Windows 11. For the best experience with Windows, Microsoft recommends updating Windows this way because when your company feels your system is ready to receive an update, it will provide it to you.

The second method; Downloading the ISO file

Fortunately, Microsoft did not limit the method of downloading and installing its Windows to the update section, and made it possible for users to download the relevant file through the company's official page. This method works even for those whose system does not officially support Windows 11, and at least for a while they can experience using it. But as mentioned above, we recommend that you do not do this as you will not receive any more updates and may impose other strict policies in the middle of Microsoft's path.

Although not receiving any updates It can not be a problem because users can re-download and install a new ISO file through the Microsoft site whenever there is a problem with Windows or they feel the need for an update. Then run the application called Windows 11 Update Assistant. In this section, you can burn the Windows 11 ISO file to a flash drive, or you can upgrade your system to a new operating system by clicking on the upgrade option.

Of course, Microsoft can do this through the second method. Update your system to Windows 11 is aware and even allows you to do so, but before installation you must agree to the terms and conditions of the company that if something goes wrong, you are to blame and not the company. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your old system on the same Windows 10 unless you are very eager to experience the new features.

Note: Installing Windows 11 in this way indicates that you have chosen the gradual approach of Microsoft Did not. This means that you may encounter a series of small and large bugs on your system that you seem to have accepted because we know that even after getting Windows in the best possible way, you may still encounter bugs and problems.


If Windows 11 is a problem for you, you can go back to Windows 10, which we taught you earlier in another article. Of course, you only have 10 days to return to the previous version, so during these ten days, be sure to do all kinds of hard tests on your system to make sure there is no particular problem.

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