How to upgrade laptop RAM?

If you are looking to upgrade your laptop's RAM, don't miss this article because we are going to teach you step by step.

If you are looking to upgrade your laptop's RAM, don't miss this article because we are going to teach you step by step.

Laptops in different models with hardware Various are available for purchase. Sometimes it happens that you don't need to pay a lot of money to buy a laptop, but in such laptops, usually a series of parts are not very powerful. One of these cases is RAM, which fortunately many companies have made it possible to upgrade. In this article, we will learn how to upgrade the RAM of a laptop.

Do we really need to upgrade the RAM?

If you are looking to increase the speed of your system a little, our first suggestion Adding an SSD to a laptop is what fortunately many laptops allow users to do. To increase the speed of multitasking, you will also need to upgrade the RAM of the laptop. Fortunately, the process of upgrading laptop RAM is not that complicated, especially if you have a new laptop.

But before you start doing this, you should see if you need RAM at all. At least a system should have 8 GB of RAM to be able to perform basic tasks. Adding more RAM or replacing an 8GB RAM with a 16GB model will definitely improve system performance significantly. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

In order to find out if low RAM is the main problem of your system or not, there is a simple solution, and that is, when you do your normal and daily tasks, which you feel the system has a low ability to do, go to task Go to Windows (right click on the toolbar and click on the Task Manager option) and see if the RAM is under 100% pressure or not. If this is the case, it means that your RAM is low and in fact your system is facing a bottleneck, otherwise any other part that is under pressure will be the main problem of your system. Now assuming that the main problem of the system is its low amount of RAM; The question is, what will we need to upgrade the RAM of our laptop?

Check the exact model of the RAM and the possibility of upgrading the laptop

If you are looking for Add a new RAM to your system, you should see if your laptop can upgrade this part or not. You should also see what kind of RAM you have and what company it makes. Of course, in the end, it doesn't matter which company you buy RAM from, the important thing is to buy a product that is exactly the same as the one used in your laptop. or not On some laptops, the RAM is soldered to the system, which means you can't upgrade it and have to add another RAM. In some systems, it is possible to remove the RAM and add another RAM to it. You can get complete information about this by going to the Windows Task Manager or you can use the Speccy application and get all the information you need in its RAM section. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

As you can see in the image above, Speccy can tell you exactly if there is an empty port to add RAM or not. In addition, you can visit the manufacturer's website and enter the exact model of your laptop, which is usually listed on the box or back of the laptop, to see if it is possible to add RAM.

You can also Visit Crucial's website and find out the exact type of RAM you can put into the system by entering the manufacturer's name, product type, and laptop model. However, we recommend that you look for the desired information on the official page of the manufacturer's website.

In addition, you should also consider what kind of RAM configuration your laptop supports. . If it is two-channel, it means that your system can have two low-capacity RAMs instead of one high-capacity RAM, but transfer information faster. Of course, in the second situation, you should either get a double kit to make sure that they are of the same type, the same speed and delay time, or you should find a RAM similar to the one used in your system so that there is no problem in terms of coordination. Using the same Speccy or CPU-Z application, you can see how fast your RAM is. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

Some Although their laptops have high potential, companies put low-speed RAMs on them to reduce costs. You can buy a faster and higher quality RAM for your system by getting the required information from the manufacturer's website page or the applications mentioned above and enjoy increasing the speed of your laptop after the upgrade.

Education Step-by-step upgrade of laptop RAM

Now that you have obtained enough information about the type of RAM you need, the amount of memory and also the requirements of your laptop, it is time to upgrade the device, which is further We will go through it step by step.

  • After getting the required information about the type of RAM you need, buy the RAM from the store you are considering.
  • Now you should Go to the laptop and open it.
  • Our suggestion is to watch a video of opening your laptop from the Internet and see how you can access its RAM section because in some Laptops This part is really difficult to access and you should leave the laptop to an expert. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • But many laptops can be easily upgraded by removing the back panel.
  • Just turn the laptop upside down and loosen all the screws as shown in the picture.
  • Slowly open the back panel. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • The RAM must be fully should be in front of the sight.
  • In this case, just press the clips around it to the sides as shown in the picture to release the RAM. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • Now You can gently pull it and remove it from the laptop.
  • Add the new RAM module to the system.
  • Be careful to put the RAM exactly in the same direction as the hole in the center of it. connect it to the system because otherwise it may be damaged. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • Once the RAM is in the slot, just push it down until the clips lock it back in. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • Check the whole back panel again and see if there are no special screws or screws and the RAM is well placed in the port.
  • Place the back panel gently on the laptop and tighten the screws.
  • Turn on the system. If everything went well, the laptop should boot without any problems. Maybe this process is even faster than before. How to upgrade laptop RAM?

  • Enough again Run the mentioned apps i.e. CPU-Z or Speccy or even Task Manager and see if the new RAM has been added to the system.

Note that sometimes it happens that your system immediately After upgrade it doesn't work well or shows blue screen of death. don't worry Hold the power key once to turn off the system. Wait for a while and then turn on the laptop and see if it boots.

If it boots and there is no problem, then everything is working fine. But if the system does not boot or you hear a beeping sound, it means that the RAM is not properly inserted into the port and you need to open it again, remove the RAM and insert it again. If the system still won't boot, flash your previous ROM and see if it works. If the system worked correctly with your previous RAM, it means that the new RAM has a problem and should be replaced.

Note that replacing the RAM does not require replacing the operating system, and if the process is successful, you can use your system without any problems. . We hope that with this method you can upgrade your laptop RAM without any problems.

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