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How to take attractive family photos during Nowruz this year?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

family periods and sightseeing can be considered as one of the main characteristics of Nowruz. These periods can be a great opportunity to take family photos. Of course, taking family photos with smartphones is not a strange thing today, and we do the same on other days of the year. But Nowruz can be an excuse to review this process and try to take more professional and better photos that will stay in our family memories forever. In this article, we have tried to use the experiences of several professional photographers and provide tips for taking some great and memorable family photos.

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take formal photos first

Before you start shooting, it's a good idea to discuss your photography plan with your family. They may also have some interesting ideas for your group photographer pose. Try to get the other members to play an active role in this photography process. It is best to do group and formal gestures first. At the beginning of photography, all people have more patience and energy and probably follow the photographer's advice more. As you go along, you will probably find that the photos become more intimate and intimate.

After this step, let everyone be on their own. Do not restrict children at all. Let them play and work, and as a photographer, wait to discover and capture special and memorable moments. Many prefer these natural, so-called monotonous pictures.

Let the children have children

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

Experienced photographers believe that you should not try too hard to get your kids to take your photography instructions seriously or force them to do something special. In fact, if there are several children in your family photo, you should learn to accompany them, not force them to do something special.

They are often better for photographing children. Leave them alone and then take completely natural photos of their interesting and funny work. All you have to do is wait a little longer, the children themselves will give you the best subjects.

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If parents are also There are photos, playing them with children can also be a very interesting subject for photography. Rest assured that you can capture very special and beautiful scenes while playing them.

Be careful of the weather

If you are planning to shoot outdoors, be sure to check the weather. family members may not be inclined to photograph in rainy, very cold or even very hot weather. This is especially true for children.

Be in the picture yourself

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

Maybe nothing is more bitter for you than realizing that you are not in any of the photos after taking photos during the holidays and viewing the photos! The main attraction of family photos is that all members are present. So remember to be in the photos yourself. To do this, we recommend using the tripod and timer mode of the cameras.

Do not miss the golden hours

If you want to shoot outdoors, you should consider How many hours After sunrise and shortly before sunset, they are the best hours for photography and are called "golden hours". Ambient light is great for family photos at this time.

Use Nowruz Elements

If you want your photo to have a Nowruz atmosphere, what could be better than having elements like Haftsin in your photo? Have? Of course, this does not mean that all photos are necessarily on the Haftsin table, but the presence of even some of these elements can give your family photo a better feeling.

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get closer, bring the heads together and make a triangle

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

If you want to take an attractive photo, you have to fill your photo frame with people and subjects. To do this, 3 general recommendations can be made:

  • Approach the subjects well and fill a sufficient part of the frame with the subject (s).
  • To the people present Tell the photo to bring their heads closer together
  • If there is a group photo, try to make the subjects' heads triangular like the photo below.

Be creative

Use every creativity as a photographer. This creativity may be related to the pose of the camera, the layout of the environment or even the settings related to the exposure of your camera. Creative photos are often memorable because they are outside the realm of a family photo.

The camera is always with you

Planning and preparing in advance is great. But such a thing It is not always possible. In addition, it is a misconception that everything must be ready in advance to take proper family photos. We recommend that you always have the camera with you so that you do not miss the right shooting opportunities.

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Tip is especially important for photographing children. When taking a family photo, remember to align yourself with the subjects. For example, if you are taking a picture of a child, you should sit down and level yourself so that the feeling and dimensions of the picture are clearer and more natural. The camera should be level with the subject's eyes. If you are taking a photo of a family and they are sitting, you should not stand, because your photo is from top to bottom. One of the advantages of smartphone cameras is that they are very portable and you can easily subject and photograph the phone at the same level.

take a few photos of each pose

Maybe for Have you ever said to yourself after looking at the photos that you wish I had taken more photos with this gesture or that one of the photos is not very good for any reason. Preventing this problem is not a difficult task. take several photos of each pose and position. In some photos, hold the camera vertically and sometimes horizontally. For some photos, get closer to the subject, and for some, get farther away. This will give you more options to select and edit at the end. You can delete extra photos at any time.

Shoot at home

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

Remember, eyes are a window to the soul

You may have told yourself that I should have this look in my mind forever, or that I should have photographed it. Capturing emotions through the eyes requires a lot of practice, so do not despair if you do not succeed in taking great photos. To do this, keep a few things in mind:

Use a telephoto lens. This feature is also present in some smartphones today. This means that your camera is zoomed so that you can take close-up photos of your family without getting too close to the subjects. Keeping enough distance with people allows the photographer to capture 2 moments without disturbing them.

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Try to capture the reflection of light in the eyes. This may not be easy and requires ambient light and the right angle. But capturing the reflection of light in people's eyes in a family photo adds more emotion to the photo.

Use autofocus. To take a close-up photo and take a special look, you need to make sure your lens is well focused and the photos are perfectly clear. Try to lock the focus on the subject's eyes. This will keep the eyes in the spotlight.

Simple backgrounds are the best choice for outdoor family photos

If you are shooting outdoors, remember to choose simpler backgrounds. do. More crowded environments keep photo subjects out of focus. Instead of packing just what you need, you should try to pack extra just in case. If your background is very crowded, it can be helpful to use strategies such as reducing the image depth or bottom-up framing so that the sky forms part of the background. Using the Portrait mode of the camera can also be useful.

Be at the same level as the subjects

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>take</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>family</b> <b>photos</b> <b>during</b> <b>Nowruz</b> this year?

Choose Contrasting Colors to Create Contrast

If you are taking a family photo indoors, a helpful solution may be to use a combination of contrasting colors. These color combinations can increase the contrast of the image and make it more attractive. For example, the contrast between the color of the curtains and the sofa, the sofa and the cushion, the background and the color of the subjects' clothes can all add to the appeal of the photo.

Use a tripod

A tripod is one of the most important things to consider when taking a family photo indoors. Earlier, we talked about one of the benefits of using a tripod: that you (the photographer) can also be present in the photo.

But more importantly, the enclosed space inside the house may not have enough light. In dimmer environments, your camera is likely to slow down the shutter speed to improve image exposure. In such cases, just shake your hand a little to ruin the photo.

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Use This method can help you capture perfectly clear, shake-free photos. If you want more clarity, we recommend using a timer or remote control. Because the moment you press the shutter button can cause the camera to vibrate a little.

take the exposure seriously

Light is the most important element of photography. Even the best subjects and frames can not be turned into very good photos in environments that do not have good light. Exposure is a long discussion, but here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Be careful not to shoot behind the light source
  • Make sure your environment is well lit.
  • take golden hours seriously,
  • Light cloudy days are perfectly uniform and suitable for photography.

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